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What will show Beijing - 2008? (300 days before opening)

Less and less days remains before opening of the scheduled summer Olympic Games. Many athletes, having finished 2007 competitive season, start thorough training to selection competitions or control starts before the main sports action of the fourth anniversary.

Before opening there are three hundred more days. It is quite enough that the athlete could approach competitions in the highest physical and psychological shape. Not only the one who was stronger on a path, but also the one who will be able to resist to severe climatic conditions wins now and to beat rivals at the psychological level, having kept full calm during performance.

But still sports passions are not so tensed therefore I will tell that else they prepare for the audience and athletes the Olympic Games in Beijing. I every day am more and more convinced that Games - will be 2008 the most memorable in the history of the modern Olympic Games, and even London hosting the main sports event in 2012 will not be able to stage show and the organization it is better, than China next year.

It would be desirable to begin with good - monetary messages. For the first place the Russian athletes will be given 50 thousand dollars, for the second - 20 thousand, and for the third - 10 thousand. Well, it is necessary to cross fingers on hands and legs and to wait only for gold medals in a moneybox of the Russian national team.

From good news I will pass to sad news at once. The International Olympic Committee excluded Taiwan from Olympic torch relay. And everything from - for the fact that Taiwan has some disagreements with the People`s Republic of China. I will remind that in April Taiwan itself refused to accept Olympic torch relay, but then the question Whether fire through Taiwan Will be carried by? it was not solved.

By the way, you remember, I in last materials mentioned about a strong smog over the city? At that time the problem was almost solved - to let out on roads in even days of the car which numbers come to an end on even figure, and in odd - cars with the last odd number. All this was only the offer, but experiment which took place successfully was made recently, and after its end the authorities of Beijing promised what during Games of cars on roads will be as little as possible. Also for a solution of the problem of air pollution of the power urge people to use more public transport, - not only during the Olympic Games, but also in the current year.

From problems I want to pass again to priyatnost, namely souvenirs which can be got during the Olympic Games. When I began to look through catalogs of the goods which are let out specially to Games - 2008, was surprised. Not only that during the Olympic Games it will be possible to put on completely in a thing with the Olympic symbolics, to buy brand new service, couple of house towels, backpacks and handbags for all family, to fill all shelves and tables with a framework for photos with mascots, to present to the girl or the wife silver earrings For true collectors also made suvenirchik. If you do not regret to give 70300 yuans (100 yuans - about 15 dollars) for a set of the Olympic gold cubes, or 4000 yuans for a set of small gold badges with the image of symbolics of all types of the Olympic program, then will be able to keep a small gold piece of Games at home - 2008. For special judges small Olympic gold and silver medals, ingots are created. Now you will be able to store your savings in the Beijing gold ingots.

On it I do not stop telling you about events and surprises of the forthcoming Olympic Games in Beijing therefore you monitor reviews, and also do not forget to turn on the TV on August 8, 2008 at eight o`clock in the evening to see opening of the Olympic Games.