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How to achieve a healthy sleep?

the Dream was always considered as the best means of restoration of forces physical and sincere. But for this purpose it has to meet the necessary requirements.

In - the first, it is very important to establish that the dream gives feeling of rest. After awakening of people has to feel completely slept . The dream has to come in due time and to be coordinated with requirements of life.

In - the second, the dream has to be rather deep and not be broken from - for the noise which are normal for the place where the person sleeps.

In - the third, the dream has to proceed without such unpleasant feelings as pain, depression, internal concern, dreadful dreams. However many people suffer from frustration and sleep disorders: sleeplessness, a sleep-walking (from Latin somnus - dream and of ambulo - I go I wander ) .

As for treatment of sleep disorders, it has to be first of all hygienic, directed to maintenance of a healthy lifestyle, regular mode and creation of the best conditions for a dream.

For disposal of noise irritants during a dream it is possible to use ear tampons from polyfoam. Also it is necessary to watch carefully a condition of air indoors in which you sleep. It has to be cool and fresh, not too dry.

The correct structure of a mattress can have crucial importance for elimination of unpleasant feelings during a dream. The people inclined to various diseases of a backbone, more depend on features of a bed and position of a body during the night. The lower part of a mattress (spring) has to have average degree of elasticity. Anyway it should not cave in too under the influence of loading, and the mattress cover should not promote either too big losses of heat, or its stagnation, and also condensation of stalemate moisture at the expense of a waterproof top layer of a flooring.

High or low position of the head and in this regard use of a pillow should be chosen in an individual order. In particular, at frequent headaches, from - for whom the dream is interrupted, it is necessary to check whether these pains are explained by the wrong position of the head. The high pillow helps with many cases more just.

Besides, according to scientists, the magnetic field of Earth exerts strong impact on a dream and health of sleeping. So, for example, if the head of the sleeping person is turned on the East, then its dream will be deep and healthy. Worst of all, when the head during a dream is turned on the North. In this case, scientists, the person consider, most likely the whole day will feel is oppressed and is apathetic. So experts suggest to take a compass in hand and to check where costs to a box.

However after intense day just you should not lay down on a sofa, to blissfully extend legs and to fill up. The dream will be uneasy. In the same way as, having risen in the morning, do exercises, before going to bed it is useful to execute a simple set of exercises on stretching and relaxation to remove stress and to return elasticity to sheaves. Exercises it is better to choose static, for example, such.

To rise directly, to place legs more widely, to extend hands in the parties. In a minute it is possible to feel how the backbone which was tired in a day becomes straight.

To sit down on a floor, having extended legs together, a back direct. To bend slightly forward, to get hands socks of feet and to stretch so half-minute.

Lying on a back, to raise close direct legs, then to tear off a waist and a back from a floor, resting elbows against a floor, and supporting by palms a waist.

Then a quarter of hour to lie down in a bathtub with warm water.

Quiet and sweet dreams to you, dear readers!

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