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What I love the Internet for - toy stores? (Sketch) of

To what I love the Internet - toy stores. It is such charge of cheerfulness since morning! Generally I had no intention to buy toys, the reference turned up incidentally. But I cannot but share with society! we Read to


Soft, fluffy pink hippopotamus. It not too contradicts the real situation.

Having recovered from a shock, I read further.

It is strong, but not terrible, kind and fair. Such attitude towards a bear developed in national fairy tales and legends, and they are, as we know, manifestations collective unconscious .

It at us children operate now with from 2 to 5 such concepts of game?

Following toy:

Plaster bas-reliefs of ancient reptiles: a pareyazavra, an edofazavra, a desmatozukha, an eritrozukha and others so remarkable according to names and appearance of beings.

It as my unfortunate children were deprived by me in the childhood? They had no eritrozukh, well just any!!! Farther even more interestingly:

the Cow stuffed and bulk at the same time, balls at it in a stomach, and in hooves. Wool klochkasto - lokhmatisty and not on - cow soft. Horns and a tail - velvet. Length of a cow is 16 cm, height is 11 cm. Only it not really costs, and mostly lies.

Reksik: It is filled by a synthetic winterizer, and in buttocks at it there are a lot of small plastic balls. You will put - sits.

... a stomach at Petrovich exclusively soft. In buttocks - small balls, they give to Petrovich of assiduity, and the kid is given new tactile experience.

the Young lion myagkonabivny, very silky, stuffing a synthetic winterizer, in buttocks filled soft plastic balls - for development of tactile experience. A toy small animal in a consolation to little children.

Here I somehow felt ill at ease. What it at them all balls in buttocks? What for fixing? And, as it became clear, not for nothing:


the Rabbit (or the Hare) - big-bellied, long-haired, myagkonabivny, in buttocks (exclusively wide) - plastic balls which creak and roll over. In delay ears so they can be bent as it will want. The toy gives to the kid new tactile experience and a positive emotional spirit, the peaceful look and the general spinelessness .

Amazingly, enchantingly obscene discussion of this spineless rabbit with wide buttocks by grateful buyers presented to me several minutes of the rough, but refreshing laughter. Unfortunately, owners of shop quickly bethought and cleaned discussion, but, you see, a tendency at them some oddish.

Interestingly, in general all catalogs of toys always such ridiculous or me it is so lucky? Came across them already a little, and quite joking apart - real catalogs on the websites selling toys: I provide already just names. To comment is not present forces and the stomach hurts from laughter.

Bear hairy silk

Hare long wet

Orangutan navel

plastic Gorilla wet a stomach

the Hedgehog, the Crow in a

sock the Lion wet heart on a tail

the Clown of bulk

the Frog thick cheeks

the Elk wet Chicken with heart

Settled in a

sweater blue, brown (!!!!!)

the Mouse curly-headed in a scarf

the Rooster lies legs a wire

Chicken rope legs

the Chicken round eyes (probably the son of the previous chicken and a rooster)

the Duckling a hairy Bear in

socks in a

sweatshirt the Zoo wet sits with patches

the Dog lies with heart

Well I too, apparently, will go I will lie down...

Deep conclusions and conclusions in this article will not be. What can be here philosophizing when Lev - heart - on - a tail and the Mouse Curly-headed in a scarf exists? Here just right to begin to write fairy tales, how the gorilla the Wet Stomach with balls in buttocks stole at the Hairy Duckling socks, and at a curly-headed mouse - a scarf, and only the elk in a sweater rescued all of them and at the same time reoriented a blue burro Only they did not begin to dream children at night.