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Leonid Shadlovsky


Curious history happened in ravvinatsky court during hearing of the case about divorce because of marital infidelity. The private detective employed by the spouse depicted the defendant during violation of a conjugal duty, and his lawyer presented pictures to court as a material evidence. Judges, however, did not pass the decision in favor of the husband.

Enough it was to take existence of photos into consideration, and business would be solved in favor of the claimant. But it to do court and did not wish. Are guilty of such outcome of the spouse and the private detective. Ridiculously, but, judging by reaction of the rabbinate, both were guilty that both broke Saturday. However, everyone in own way. It, having appointed love meeting on Saturday, and it, making behind it shadowing. That is worked in the Sabbath by the sweat of the brow whereas she carried out to the pleasure.

However, is essential only the fact that the court doubted in koshernost the proofs collected on Saturday. As a result charge was left with nothing. And the dumbfounded detective tried to prove that he in principle could not break sanctity of Saturday as is a non-believer. This argument did not make any impression on ravvinatsky court.

this History is rather extraordinary and, probably, deserves to state it in more detail. the Detective told

to court that he at the request of the client established supervision over his spouse and with own eyes saw how that entered the private house in which yard it was waited by the man. When the lawyer of the woman asked the detective in what day of week there were meetings, that honestly admitted that on Saturday. He did not even suspect, than this revelation for his client is fraught. The lawyer right there demanded to reject a material evidence because it was got in the day intended for rest.

- Let`s say that this woman really met the foreign man, - the defender indicated the client. - Let`s assume even that it consisted with it in intimate relationship. But it was found on Saturday. And this day all types of work including exposure of crimes are forbidden.

Further the lawyer dispersed outright. Not to lose sight of the spouse of the client, the detective had to use car. And driving on Saturdays, as we know, is forbidden. Also it is impossible to remove neither the camera, nor a video camera. Because it is accompanied by physical and intellectual efforts too. In conclusion the lawyer noticed that he considers the given arguments as telling arguments against use by court of the photos shown by charge.

the spouse`s Lawyer appeared not a miss too. It gave the only, but quite safe argument.

- the Detective - the person faithless and not observing tradition. Though Jew. Therefore, the fact that it worked on Saturday cannot be considered as a sin. Means, the photos shown by charge quite can be considered as material evidences.

of the Judge, having listened to both defenders, strong became thoughtful. The argument both was rather convincing. And all - the court decided that the proofs collected by the detective will be considered as invalid.

But exist also other opinions.

- According to Galakhe, - Itzhak Schipper says, for example, rav, - the mission of court is a clarification of truth. Therefore the pictures confirming an adultery should be considered as material evidences. Even if they are got on Saturday.

the Israeli law protects citizens from intervention in their private life. Though we will tell directly, all the same interfere. And the evidence of marital infidelity produced to ravvinatsky court could be rejected also by secular. However the ethical aspect of business, seemingly, not especially interested religious peace officers.

- the Law on Saturday, - the judge told, - all have to observe. Both believers, and non-believers.

Here such short history. The family was kept though it is hardly possible to call the relations of spouses benevolent. And in general, me it is unclear what sense to watch own wife or the husband? The word of honor, is sometimes better to remain in ignorance. Both nerves as it should be, and life is not spoiled.