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How to win pellets ?

each of us Has a thing about which we if not aloud then mentally we speak my darling . Short skirt or trousers, dress or shorts, gloves or pajamas These things from those that at once lay down to soul in which it is convenient at once and which are pleasant to both your mother, and younger sister, and fight at once - to the friend, and the girlfriend

U me such thing were a snow-white knitted jacket. In shop when I saw it, happened effect of a cow - stupidly rose and any more did not go further anywhere. And when took in hand yes tried on - all. Understood what should be taken, even without reckoning with any awfully big figure on the price tag.

Jersey was magnificent - did not last, did not turn yellow, was not capricious, generally. And my pleasure from purchase would be eternal if after the next washing (I repent, erased that time not manually, and pushed in the machine on the " mode; Quickly 30 ) small numerous pellets were not found.

And what is pellets - know, I think, everything, and not just laundresses, in love with the profession. The small opposite balls collecting on themselves dust which several minutes do any thing worn out shushuny, quite suitable for a trip for giving. Sooner or later, but they are formed on all woolen, half-woolen and knitted. And I had to reconcile to it? It was necessary to fall to phone, to stock up with plaintive intonation and to begin to state to girlfriends the trouble, demanding council.

The girlfriend Katya declared at once that I did not take her for a ride, went to shop of any domestic squabbles and mylomoyka, and there bought a special flypaper for pellets.

- That and to tell - a flypaper for pellets ? - I was surprised. there is no

- Yes, it somehow is called But there you will explain, sellers will understand.

In one shop me was mildly oborzhat, and in another told that, say, there are special machines which cut any troubles, but at them such in assortment is not present. And never was. As the magic flypaper is called, I do not know to this day.

Then it was ringing to Alyona. And council truly lethal - a wide adhesive tape. Badly imagining procedure, I stuck an adhesive tape to a jacket and pulled. Pellets stuck every other time, but from an adhesive tape there were some suspicious grayish strips. Experiment had to be stopped. Perhaps it is also good on black polo-necks or gray woolen skirts, I do not know

the Girlfriend Olya gave to me instructive lecture how it is not necessary to wash good things in the machine, then told that from pellets there are special powders. But it is necessary to use them Before vile balls appear on a thing.

- Though, - after an hour of chatter on various synthetic detergents Olya added, - all these powders - a hogwash. Both it was rolled up, and it will be rolled up

Ya became sad.

My last call was to Irina. Having listened toy my terrifying story, the girlfriend who hurried somewhere, shortly threw:

- Shave

- Whom? - I was terrified.

- Well Whom there at you Jacket.

Ya, of course, it was inflated and suspected Irka of callousness. And it continued:

- you have a single razor new is? And so take and demolish all these pellets Only strongly be not zealous, carefully, and that will spread your jersey, will not catch Give, I should run! Strongly suspecting

that Irina over me decided to laugh, I went to a bathroom, got a pack of machines, sighed and, having spread out the distressful koftets, began to drive on it the machine. Just some holiday Pellets were disgracefully shaved off, leaving that surface which I already also did not dream to see - smooth, white, generally, pleasant to an eye. Procedure so carried away me that by the evening I shaved all things on which found harmful balls. Even those which davny - long ago postponed on the regiment for picnics .

Already then when I with pride shared a wonderful way of reanimation with mother, she sighed and told:

- Olechka, at me two daughters graduated from schools, and invaluable experience on fight against pellets by means of the razor I on your school uniform gained. is shorter than

, conclusions I made two of all history - cunning on inventions gol remains at height in any times and it is necessary to call mother more often. And then it is possible to cope with any pellets on time