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What there is a DECEPTION? Who was deceived by the Spanish couple?

History is constructed on the documents and attestations of eyewitnesses which undertook a role of chroniclers. The English writer, the historian and the philosopher of the 19th century Thomas Karleyl gave definition to history as quintessences of a gossip urging to trust sources not especially. And the writer N. S. Leskov noted: All of them present us events what they seemed to the contemporaries making to themselves about them representations under live impressions and supplementing with their own reasons, fictions and guesses .

From this point of view it is necessary to consider, for example, the annalistic message that in the 6600th year from creation of the world (1092 from R. H.) in Polotsk there was a footfall at night, something groaned on the street, demons as people " ransacked;. The chronicler devoutly trusted in demons therefore he and wrote.

However modern views on history a bit differents. It would be impossible to give whose that there were opinions and assumptions for the proved truth therefore historians look for proofs. Look for and find.

On October 12, 1992 America widely celebrated Day of Columbus. Solemn demonstration of a nu - yorkets and representatives of other cities went on 5 - y the avenue and bore festive banners and flowers. The people exulted: a half-millennium ago expedition as a part of 90 people on the vessels Santa - Maria Pint Ninye left Palos on August 3, 1492, from the Canary Islands turned on the West, crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a subtropical belt and reached the island San - El Salvador in the Bahama archipelago where landed on October 12, 1492. Expedition was headed by the seafarer Christopher Columbus - the weaver`s son - the clothier from Genoa.

But to this event others preceded. Being guided by antique doctrines about sphericity of the earth and calculations of scientists of the 15th century, future famous pioneer made the shortest way from Europe to India and addressed a royal couple of Portugal in 1485 with a request to sponsor expedition in Western India . A request it was refused. Then Columbus moved to Spain, and the Spanish royal couple signed with him the contract which conditions were: by

the nobility and a hereditary rank of the admiral of the sea - an okiyan and all islands and continents which it will open, a title vice-the king and the chief governor of these lands with the right most to appoint governors; the tenth part with everything, taken in newfound colonies, production. The one eighth part of expenses on equipment of the ships is paid by Columbus, all the rest is brought by a royal couple.

The seafarer exulted: unprecedented generosity!

However deceived him. After several expeditions, in the end of the 15th century, Columbus was put in prison, and let out only when he refused the opening and ceased to demand terms of the contract. The seafarer in poverty and obscurity died. The place of its burial is not found.

Deception. Again deception. The sacrificial lamb by the name of Christopher Columbus was brought on a deception altar for the sake of imperial interests. The seafarer was a citizen of other country, and therefore open lands could pass under the beginning of Portugal what the Spanish couple did not want at all. The government tries to obtain from the Pope of confirmation of exclusive rights of the Spanish crown on everything, as with p and with to and e captains already opened for N and still will open in the western hemisphere. The father drew a dividing line on the globe, and Portugal remained with nose .

However whether Columbus Portuguese was? For honor to be considered as Columbus`s homeland four coastal cities of the Italian province of Laguria still argue. The Polish researcher claims that Columbus - derivative from Polish the word a pigeon - golomb and Gdansk ship builders very much liked to call vessels by the names of birds. And who told that golomb it not Colombo ? And from Colombo to Columbus no distance. Yes, that there the Italian cities and Poland, apply for a role of fatherland of Columbus in about with e m the countries!

So who else was deceived by the Spanish couple?

Whether points over i will be finally placed, will show time. Patience, misters, patience. Besides, as it became known, expeditions were equipped by Bristol merchants, and the largest contribution was made by the merchant by last name America.

deceived him too?.