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What to transfer thought by?

Heavy feet of centuries

in one of the London theaters put about seventy Years ago the historical play.

Directors wanted to represent heavy feet of centuries .

Asked for the help the famous physicist Robert Wood. The scientist suggested to remake body so that that made sounds of very low frequency.

And made. The part of pipes began to radiate unheard infrasounds.

The effect much more exceeded expectations. Listeners were seized by causeless horror, panic began. People jerked away from the hall in full confidence that the earthquake and a ceiling here began - here will fail on them.

Generally knew about this phenomenon and used it much earlier. After construction well-known Richard`s Houses in Kiev on Andreevsky descent residents there for a long time were not late, afraid to live in the house. As it appeared, the builder of the building revenged the owner of the house, having built in walls special golosnik in whom the " wind; whistled at a low frequency. And in windy weather it was distributed unheard, but terrible howl.

Similar golosnik are built in walls of the Sofiyevsky cathedral. They do not frighten, but provide sacred awe. And the arches of church provide strengthening of an infrasound.

Sweet-voiced sirens

We live in the infrasonic world. What is music? Rhythmical fluctuations with quite low frequency. No, I mean not the frequency of sound of musical instruments, but a rhythm of music. The rhythm literally bewitches, especially many thousands crowds of teenagers, hypnotically influencing them. And not only a rhythm, but also artificially generated infrasounds. For example, unheard sounds are used in the compositions by the known group Mango - " Mango;. Also others became interested in them fate - groups.

And not incidentally attendants of a cult chose music the tool. From a primitive shaman kamlaniye to perfect organ symphonies - everything is used for mastering souls of people.

In Ancient Greece considered that music quite definitely forms these or those qualities of the person. Exactly there were myths about singing of Orpheus pacifying sea waves and about the sweet Sirens enticing careless seamen. Smart Odysseus ordered to command to close up ears with wax not to give in to their charms.

Not on good it is lovely, and according to Mila it is good

Yes, we catch an infrasound if we resound at the same frequencies. But, if we resound, then we can radiate? And if so then and to transfer thoughts. To transfer information, it is not obligatory to invest it with concrete words. Moreover, the thought uttered is lie if not to add it with the feelings given at the subconscious level.

We feel many phenomena which are not realized in reality subconsciously, not in forces precisely to describe. Some presentiments, not clear memoirs, unclear aspirations. Or perhaps the organism feels a stream of the unheard sounds filling habitat? And we subconsciously feel threat or, on the contrary, the benefit of this world?

Property of an infrasound to get almost freely suggests an interesting idea everywhere. Many years people unsuccessfully try to solve the telepathy phenomenon, considering it as transfer of thought electromagnetic waves. And what, it is impossible to do without them? What if again the infrasound is guilty?

Perhaps, the people who are adjusted in a resonance can give feelings of hunger, fatigue, sexual desire not only words, and directly from a brain in a brain, unheard resonant fluctuations. And we understand friends not because we are on friendly terms, and we are on friendly terms because we understand better, than others.

Same it is easy to explain love at first sight and spontaneous hatred. And remember how twins surprisingly easily understand each other! At them - that brains are precisely adjusted in a resonance.