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How to create a bouquet from fallen leaves? Passing

on park today, I admired the fallen-down maple leaves - scattered on twisting paths, they formed amazing color a carpet. I went, trying not to step on leaflets, considering a magic natural palette - zolotisto - yellow, krapchato - green, purpurno - red - what only flowers were not here! Looking at this beauty I also did not notice how I began to collect leaflets - at first my attention was drawn by a leaf of green color with yellow specks, then I bent down behind a lacy leaflet of crimson color, and as a result collected the whole bouquet from maple leaves.

To the people in park there was much, but I nevertheless managed to find the free bench which is directly opposite to the lake. I with pleasure settled down on it and, glancing at the ducks lapping in the lake, began to touch the leaflets collected by me.

In the childhood I very much liked to collect multi-colored autumn leaves for a herbarium, and still, is remembered, we did rosettes of maple leaflets. It is interesting whether I will remember now how it becomes?

So, reflecting, I chose one leaflet of red color from lots of leaves and put it in half the face up, and then began to turn in a tubule to make a rose core.

Holding a tubule with fingers, I took other leaf - it appeared slightly bigger size, than the first - I will try to make a petal of it... I turn it in half and I put in it the first leaf - a tubule so that a leaf - the petal was slightly higher. Wrapping this leaf around a leaf - tubules, I give it the form of a pink petal.

Following petal I do as well as the first, only I put it to to a bud from the opposite side. I add two more leaves - a petal, and the fine pink bud is ready! In my bag there were threads and even scissors, with their help I fix a bud and I am accepted to other flower...

Creation of prettiness - the most fascinating occupation! So far I turned leaves into lepestochka, and lepestochka in butonchik, the little girl approached me. With what curiosity she watched process! And once and I enthusiastically watched how someone from adults did such bouquet... Therefore if you have children, surely make such rosettes together with them, you take great pleasure! Choose the size and color of leaves to your taste, the quantity of rosettes in a bouquet can be too any though I like to do seven rosettes - easier to put them in a bouquet and number seven it is considered happy.

There now, my rosettes are ready... Now I will take the remained leaves and I will wrap up them rosettes. Beauty! Just bridal bouquet! Whether there is no suitable groom nearby?

To do rosettes very quickly and absolutely easily, the only lack of this occupation - fingers are very much soiled therefore well to stock up with the moistening napkins or a small bottle with water to wash hands. Of course, the bouquet can be made and at home, but it seems to me that the nature disposes to creativity more, besides in park it is always possible to podsobirat leaves if other shade is not enough or will want to add them to a bouquet.

Get prettier to you weather and pleasant walks outdoors!