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Why Cats lived more, than an average cat?

on October 7, 1982, 25 years ago, to New - York there went the premiere of the musical Cats . They did not quit the stage of almost 18 years. During this time 7485 representations took place. Slightly earlier, on May 11, 1981, this musical started in London. And the last performance took place on May 11, 2002. The number of performances exceeded 9000. And in general on Cats not one generation - both Europeans, and Americans grew.

Thomas Stearns Eliot was born in 1888 in a Puritan family in the USA. Since the childhood he was accustomed that the main person on the earth is a grandfather - Thomas`s preacher and that it needs to conform all the actions how the respectable grandfather would look at it. With heaven because by then it already sank into oblivion

As the obedient son of the parents, having ended a gymnasium, Thomas entered the Harvard university where he studied up to 1910. And after it the young philosopher went to Europe where seriously was fond of the Italian Renaissance, Elizabethan England and history of the 17th century. In Paris he willingly attended lectures of the famous French philosopher Henri Bergson, and from the beginning of World War I decided not to be got involved in this meat grinder, and went to England, having arrived on philosophical faculty of Oxford. However, to study it was much more cheerful because almost right after Thomas`s arrival on islands, it managed to marry the ballerina Vivienne Heywood.

Without suspecting that, the inquisitive American killed two hares at once. Received very hysterical spouse and deadly hatred from all American relatives who could not understand how the isty Christian Thomas could marry this Further everyone is free to substitute any word, moderately to the perversity. At Mrs. Eliot was not only quarrelsome character, but also surprising ability to sow around itself pathological hatred of neighbors, employers and just people who it is free or involuntarily got to a circle of her communication. And extreme, as always, was a husband.

He fought with the last bit of strength, trying to earn kopek, worked at school though it awfully was not pleasant to it, then went to bank where everything quickly bored it, but there was no place to move resolutely. The poetry became the only outlet for Thomas. In 1915 he wrote Love song of J. Alfred Prufrok who made it well-known. But also she did not rescue Thomas from mental hospitals. There it got after the next nervous scene with the spouse. Study, wives how to do of the husband of the Nobel laureate!

By the way, about the Nobel laureate at all not a joke. However, this recognition came to the poet much later, in 1948. The award was appropriated for the whole cycle of poetic works, is very realistic describing the world in which the poet lived and created. A little the madman who not always is giving in to logic, sometimes too cruel, heating-up from degree of political struggle and beginning to boil from the running high World War II

of 15 poems on lovely and kind cats Thomas conceived as a gift to the little godsons. They were written within two years, from 1936 to 1938. But Eliot was not confident that these verses will be to the taste to little readers, and therefore he did not entrust the book to anybody, having decorated with own drawings. Book Practical guidance of the Old Opossum ( a literary nickname of Eliot - a comment of Yu. M. ) about cats and cats left on October 5, 1939, and it was given by readers a very cordial welcome. It was caused also by the fact that in Europe war already blazed, and from Thomas`s book blew as house heat, purring of animals, and, naturally, a cosiness which so lacked.

Andrew Lloyd Webber on light was not in those days, he was born 9 years later. But his future mother was during a release of the book of Eliot 13 - the summer girl. She, after the first reading of the book about cats, fell in love with this work so that these became one of the first verses which in 50 - e were heard years by her firstborn. It is possible to tell that Andrew grew by them

Very few people know that Webber wrote the first opera Iosif and his surprising multi-colored " raincoat; at the age of 19 years. Together with Tim Rice. Then there was joint a fate - the opera Jesus Christ - the superstar and Evita . And here undertook favourite verses of Eliot Andrew already itself, by then his ways dispersed from Rice. It finished Cats in 1981 as it was already told above, and two years later gave out one more impressive opera - The Phantom of the Opera

The collection of verses of Eliot attracted Webber with the fact that, according to the composer, these verses are very rhythmical and musical, but, on the other hand, in them often the difficult, wrong size so to write music on such text - very hard task. But interesting, the composer solved. Also did not lose

In the beginning Webber did not think of creation of a performance, just wrote songs on Eliot`s verses and played them in the company of the friends. But in 1980 he saw one of the compositions - Tell me on and Sunday - on the TV and suddenly decided that from Practical guidance on cats and cats a nice television concert can turn out.

It is a pity that Thomas Stearns Eliot did not live up to the world glory of the musical. He died on January 4, 1965 in London on 77 - m to year of life. Did not wait