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The anthem to a prostate gland or How to save itself from prostatitis?

served as the Push for writing of this article the short letter which came recently to my mailbox. As I should advise periodically people on different vital questions including online, I was not surprised to this call about the help. The writing man asked council for a prostatitis occasion. In view of the fact that the problem of man`s diseases is incredibly actual and disturbs many, I decided to share the modest knowledge of this area.

Doctors by right call a prostate gland of the man the second heart. Indeed, it is exactly told! This paramount men`s body influences a reproduction, keeps vigorous mood, forces to shine eyes, to write music, to make discoveries. To list in any case! Without prostate gland full-fledged life of the man is almost impossible! She is the chief conductor of a difficult man`s organism.

But, unfortunately, this body at men is subject to diseases, beginning nearly since youthful years. The most widespread of them - prostatitis, that is a prostate gland inflammation. For many the word prostatitis sounds as a sentence, but do not die of this disease though sometimes there are rather big problems. Symptoms are unpleasant, quite often there are violations of sexual function that is important for men of any age.

About the reasons and displays of prostatitis quite a lot on the Internet is written - I do not want to repeat. Gather in any searcher prostatitis and several tens websites will be offered to you, it is sensible describing this problem, and also skillfully attracting to become the client of various medical institutions. Will not prevent to read information, and to here hurry to become the client not always reasonably. Do not panic ahead of time - there are easy ways capable to save you from all delights prostatitis.

So, here they.

- be Regularly engaged in physical exercises. But do not ride much the bicycle as it increases pressure upon a prostate. The best - to go more on foot. During the sedentary work it is necessary to warm up each hour.

- Do not allow the general overcooling of an organism, you do not sit on cold stones, borders. You should not go two hours in the become covered with hoarfrost electric train if this not compelled circumstance.

- Do not abuse continuous carrying the fitting and hard swimming trunks. Make a choice in favor of free " better; breathing pants. It much more gigiyenichny also does not interfere with a normal blood-groove in a prostate.

- Exclude completely from your life cigarettes, alcohol. Smoking negatively influences venous blood supply, and alcohol irritates channels and a prostate.

- You watch closely regular depletion of intestines, do not provoke emergence of locks. Increase amount of the drunk liquid, and caffeine consumption (coffee, strong tea) minimize. In day it is desirable to consume 2 - 2,5 liters of liquid.

- For improvement of blood circulation in a prostate gland it is possible to use contrast sedentary bathtubs. 3 minutes in hot water, then 1 minute in cold for 15 minutes a day. And it is possible still so. Sitting in a heat bath, to place legs at first in cool water, then - in hot. To hold for three minutes.

- Try to have regular sex without excessive differences in this or that party (that, by the way, will relieve you not only of prostatitis). Both that, and another is equally harmful to an organism in general, but first of all has an adverse effect on a condition of a prostate.

- Try to lower cholesterol level in blood, having reduced consumption of animal fats to a minimum. It does not mean completely to refuse meat - just give preference to low-fat grades of meat.

- Eat a lot of greens. Pay special attention to parsley, horse-radish, a parsnip, a celery. Their use has to be in unlimited number.

- As much as possible eat onions and garlic in any kind. Advantage of them considerable: improvement of vascular system, blood supply stimulation, anti-parasitic action. In addition onions also raise a potentiality.

- Put pressure on the products containing zinc. Generally it is seafood and pumpkin sunflower seeds. Zinc - a key microcell for a prostate. Every day eat not less than 30 pieces of pumpkin sunflower seeds.

- Enter into a diet different nuts and seeds, crude fruit and vegetables, fresh juice (birch, tomato, pumpkin), peas, beans and not polished fig.

I on snack of several checked national recipes in fight against prostatitis.

parsley previously to crush Semyon in powder. Then to take 4 h l. this powder and to fill in with a glass of boiled water, to boil 15 minutes then to cool and filter. To accept 1 tablespoon of 4 - 6 times a day. Parsley removes inflammatory process and normalizes sexual functions.

In the first day should be eaten in 2 - 3 hours after a dinner before going to bed the whole head of onions, for the second day - 0,5 glasses of crude sunflower seeds of a sunflower, and on the third 0,5 glasses of kernels of a walnut. To alternate so 3 months.

to eat 2 - 3 tablespoons of the crude cleared pumpkin sunflower seeds (to watch that they were with a green cover) daily in the morning and in the evening, it is possible to mix with 1 tablespoon of honey. For preparation of medical mix of 0,5 kg cleared in a green film of sunflower seeds to pass via the meat grinder, then to mix them with 1 glass of liquid honey. To roll balls the size it is slightly more than hazelnut, to put in bank and to store in the cool place. In the morning on an empty stomach in 30 minutes prior to food to rassasyvat 1 ball. And so, yet will not end. Usually for treatment one course is enough.

Also do not forget about a golden rule of health: an illness it is easier to warn, than to cure. Lovely men, take care! Your health - the best gift for the beloved!