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Through thorns to stars or How not to appear in captivity at the past?

heard Recently instructive history which led me to reflections about communication of last failures with the present. But at first a story about the long-tailed handsome - a parrot.

Terry`s problems (we will call our hero so) began while the mistress of this lovely birdie decided to clean a cage the vacuum cleaner. Suddenly phone rang out, she ran to answer a call, and a parrot mister unexpectedly drained in the vacuum cleaner.

Having returned to the room, the woman found loss and began to take hasty from the dust collector shaken, but hardly living Terry. Having seen the pet who is completely stuck around by dirt she hurried in a bathroom where she set up a birdie under a stream of cold water.

At this moment dawned on the mistress of a parrot that her good intentions did to the favourite a bigger harm, than before. Then she decided to dry Terry under the hair dryer. On it adventures of a parrot did not end. There was still a continuation But the ending turned out quite sad: Terry does not sing " any more;.

Here and many people not capable to overcome freight of the negative past are in many respects similar to our parrot. They allow the last experience to influence the present directly.

And only it is required to leave the past behind and to move further, using failure for achievement of success and not doing of problems of the personal tragedy. Successful people just - do not go in cycles in the past. Their eye is constantly turned in the future, there, where they were not yet.

I want to concern some signs characteristic of people which could not overcome former difficulties. It is possible that you will see what was not noticed earlier. And if it so, sincerely I wish you powerful break.

1. If the person constantly blows all about as far as to him in life it was necessary heavier, than the rest, - he is under the influence of the past. Such people try to lower rather the people standing above them on the level, than to rise by a step above.

2. If the person seeks to prove logically the problems, digs in the reasons and the frequent guest in his mind Why it happened to me? - he risks to remain forever a hostage mental fog . It seriously interferes with finding of a real exit.

3. If the person is engaged in a regret about the past, about what any more not to change, - he marks time and does not move forward. Any regret or a self-regret - a huge stone on the way of release of a stream of energy and an opportunity to do positive things.

4. If the person tests bitterness and rejection in relation to someone, so he did not deal with the offense. Captive of own wrong emotions. He imprisoned himself the past. And door nearby. And it is open.

5. If the person becomes reserved after endured, it will be very difficult to it to escape from a vicious circle most. It is alone incredibly difficult to cope with consequences of last failures. Other people who will be able to give help from the outside at the physical, emotional or intellectual level are necessary.

Probably, there are also other signs, but they are the main. Whatever circumstances were in your past, remember: always there are people to whom the best circumstances fell to lot, but they disposed of them worse you. And on the contrary, there are people who endured more difficult circumstances, than you, but they coped with them.

Each serious problem which arose in your life becomes a fork on your course of life. And only to you to solve what direction to choose - to aspire to successful life or to reconcile to defeat.

Let`s say if you passed through difficult, difficult situations, then accept as the fact pain and loss which you, perhaps, had to endure. Then, if in it there is a need, forgive all, inflicted on you pain and suffering. It will help you to begin to move forward. difficult most to cope with this task - ask for the help the good psychologist.

Believe, I know, it is how hard to pass sometimes through this process, but it is worth it! And you are capable to make it! Think - right now you can begin to turn negative last problems into a positive reserve for the future.

Do not remain in captivity with the past! Let music of pleasure and a victory will fill you!