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Why refused the visa?

Refused! Without explanation! I really only on a visit gathered. There and back. To spend holidays with Laura Li, to Las Vegas to be winded, to watch with Chicago... Here swine sit in this U.S. Embassy!

Typical picture today. It is harder and harder to receive an entry guest or tourist visa at Uncle Sam. Here and ru/authors/smeet / Mikhail has a puncture. Give now quietly we will understand that was made not and whom it is made. Well to understand, I will take only one type of visas - guest.

The visa - the street with the bilateral movement and the police officer. Two parties - an inviting party and the caused party participate. Double chance to do undesirable mistakes. And the third party is swine from embassy. It as police on a roadside. To receive from them, reptiles, a piece of paper, you have to have the piece of paper...

I got acquainted with Mikhail Gruzdev, stirred with him on ShZh. Very nice personality, and I wanted to invite purely friendly him on a visit. Mikhail Gruzdev too wanted to go long ago to America. And too it is interesting to it to communicate to Laura Li. But here it is so simple to get into the plane and to depart nizzzzzzzzya. What needs to be made?

Laura Li has to send to Mikhail a call. Stop: here also the first mistakes begin. Though it is said that this call - any document, but it not so. What has to be in a call:

1. Defiant party (in English): Name, surname, birth date and birth place, number of a card of social insurance, address, immigration status.

2. The caused party (in Russian): Full name, birth date and birth place, address, nationality, extent of relationship / acquaintance.

3. Oath (in English): I call the uncle - the aunt - the friend on 10 - 20 - 30 days and under the oath undertake to provide him a covering, in case of need, all medical expenses and the return ticket.

4. Notarial assurance and signature. If these parameters are observed, then the call is correctly made.

But a call - not all. I have to prove to that bad uncle in the U.S. Embassy that I will be able to support the guest. Means, I go to bank and I take the certificate of existence of a contribution from me in a size... But we with Mikhail can quite squander my contribution in Las Vegas. There is nothing will be to return. What else except a salary remains? And I take the reference from work that I work at permanent job with it - that a salary. Will be enough already for the uncle? No, malovasto will be. And I write so-called Affidavit of support that I, such - such - am the reliable law-abiding citizen who was not breaking never laws of the USA, and I realize the legal liability for Mikhail`s not return home. That I have a house cost so much, the personal property cost is so much and that I on a lap beg to let in my guest the country because it will not manage to Mikhail to eat around me. Still malovasto will be? I attach still the reference from tax for the last 3 years. In total? Well, now all. Bye. And I send this kilogram of papers to Mikhail. Now went on the other side of the street.

Mikhail makes an appointment in embassy. Long waits and gets to the uncle which task is rather not to let Mikhail, than to let to Laura Li. In the morning on a short meeting the uncle got it hot for the fact that last month 20% of his applicants of visas did not leave in the appointed time the States (and the customs knocks on embassy zealously of a woodpecker).

Officially each the tourist potentially is considered as the immigrant U.S. authorities. Therefore what there now of an udyadenka in a cabin happens to Mikhail is called cross-questioning. It Laurin took a call. Aha. There is not enough. And Mischa to it, as the conjurer from a hat, other piece of paper hryas on a table. Aha, tax. It is not enough. Aha, Affidavit. And so so far Mikhail to the last of a hat did not carry away all on a table.

Also it became bad to the uncle. Not to carp at anything from Laura Li - the Defiant Party. Let`s undertake Mikhail, the uncle thinks. The reference from work with the indication of a salary is? Thumbs through Mikhail`s passport - aha, abroad still did not happen anywhere or happened, but per day delayed the visa. The certificate of privatization of the apartment is? Hostages remain in Russia? Wife? Children? Giving is? The certificate of holiday from work is? The reference from bank on presence there at Mikhail of money? And Mikhail with himself brought nothing of that kind. Badly business, Mikhail.

Mikhail in an old jacket, an undershirt and gym shoes came to a meeting. Did not smile, it did not pozdorovkatsya with a snow-white smile. And here at it and the mobile phone rang out. Does not look in the face. And here still Mikhail boy, and Laura girl. Nothing that they have a difference in 40 years. And where he got acquainted with this girl? And show - the photo of the best friend (and it and on a personal page in ShZh it is mute), and tell - you to us, Mikhail who is she such how many you are on friendly terms years, what color at the Lauriny cat of an eye... Also Mikhail went, dirty swearing and being tastefully spat, back home.

Also he pms to Laura on ShZh: everything was gone, the best friend, refused the visa. Well, and that on a show off all: how refused? How dared? And it is terrible as the grazhdanistka of the USA orders to call to phone Tyapkin - Lyapkin who dared to refuse to such good person as Laura. And to Mikhail too. And Lyapkin - Tyapkin with reference to the instruction of embassy it is so malicious it and answers: And I did not believe it and I have full authority to refuse. Without explanation. At me in the instruction it is told loves - not - loves - believes - does not believe. Here so - that . Laura hung up a tubule and bitterly began to cry. Against scrap... there is no show off.

In ShZh there are a lot of articles in the heading psychology . Psychologists let will speak how to force the officer to believe Mikhail. I not the specialist. And what I know, told honestly. Than more papers will be sent by Laura Li to Mikhail Gruzdev and the more papers and references Mikhail in embassy, the better will bring. It is possible to complain of the official. If these papers confirm Mikhail`s intention to return, and Laura - to bear responsibility for his timely return, those have more at the causing and caused party we will be chances to nadavat to the uncle of ananashka. Mikhail can write the appeal and his lawyer will achieve a meeting with the consul or vice-the consul. Laura can remove a tubule and call senator Barack Obama (it with its small, but harmful voice he became a senator) and to tell three boxes about violation of its constitutional rights to see dear friend in the most democratic country. Navalyat to the official if incorrectly did not believe, will not seem a little.

What is still reasonable in such situations - America - the country of precedents. If refused once, wait for a chain of refusals. Everything in a computer sits forever. If Mikhail himself was guilty (and he is guilty, it was badly prepared), then on the following interview in 3 months he will already be grounded and will get the arguments from a hat. Always there is a chance: it is possible to write a protest, it is possible to ask to call the senior, it is possible to shake a question from the USA. A lot of things it is possible. There are many ways.

Judging from the fact that I observe in the country now, visas will be steadily clamped. Once at Hunch it they looked at Russians Wow! and now smells of semi-cold or slightly warm war. We have such Nutcracker with teeth for a splitting of nuts, the big specialist in Russia, madam Rice. Here she also advised to our hungover cowboy. So here so. You follow the visa - bear a big fig in a pocket in the form of various proofs of your return back.

P. S. Mikhail Gruzdev`s permission to use in article of his name is got .