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What is white fire ?

Concept white fire it was thought up not incidentally. In villages from such fires more houses, than from usual, fiery are destroyed. From - for what the house which stood 50 years and was in appearance strong and durable collapsed in dust literally in three years? And business not such simple, apparently, and responsible - here they: house mushrooms.

The house mushroom comes from family of tinder funguses and settles on a dead tree. To our regret such species of a mushroom very much likes to choose our private houses for the residence. Worst of all the fact that it, actually, also does not need favorable conditions for a survival. Such mushrooms well feel also in the conditions of humidity, a spertost of air, absence of light. Most often choose dark and stuffy cellars, cellars for the place of the settlement.

It is worth noticing that if such mushroom lodges at you on beams, then it will lead to falling of the house.

To define such mushroom not really difficult. First this silvery texture similar something on a web, but a bit later it gains ashy color and is thickened, condensed. Getting into wood cracks, the mushroom begins the destructive action.

Began to smell from rotting, I assume, learns each of us.

Ways of fight from such look misfortune are obvious. The wood damaged by a mushroom is not subject to restoration - it should be burned. If you put good wood near infected, the mushroom during couple of days will be thrown on it.

You remember: disputes of a mushroom can travel even on you, i.e. on your clothes, tools. After works on destruction of a mushroom wash clothes, wash out tools.

As well as any other infection, this fungus is afraid of light and dryness. Therefore dry boards - pledge of the fact that nothing will grow by them. Well and drafts were always useful to prevention against such problems. Different chemicals from house mushrooms it is still not thought up. Everyone experiments at own risk.

And finally. The earlier you will notice such mushroom, the quicker begin to act. It is better to replace couple of boards, than in a couple of years to build up the new house.

Protect the houses! In one Europe of losses from the white fire is on millions... What to tell about our possession where losses are counted generally by ourselves?