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When there was the first sound film?

on October 6, 1917, 90 years ago, in a lexicon of Americans appeared the new word - jazz . Its first treatment in one of the American newspapers: The Music causing desire to shiver, jump and writhe " in people;. And exactly 10 years later, on October 6, 1927, in New - York the " company; Warner Brazers presented the first sound film - Singer of the jazz . The leading role in it was played by the famous jazz singer Al Jolson. And though it is said that two bombs do not get to one funnel, but in the history everyone happens.

If to tell about the movie in brief, then Singer of the jazz - the first movie which was accompanied not by(with) game of the ballroom pianist (the musician sitting in a cinema hall and accompanying the movie with playing a grand piano or a piano), and the music which is written down on gramophone records and synchronized with the image. The movie plot - simpler does not happen: the sentimental story about the son of the cantor of a synagogue who, to chagrin of the father, chooses variety career.

Contemporaries apprehended this movie as a peculiar autobiography of Jolson. In something they were right. Al was born in 1886 in the town the Central part in the Kovensky province of Russia. When the boy was 8 years old, his family at the initiative of the father emigrated to the USA and lodged in Washington where the father received the place of the teacher in the Talmud - a Torah of a local Jewish community. Besides, he perfectly sang. The father dreamed that the son will be a rabbi too, but 13 - summer the Expert (so he was called in Russia, he will take a pseudonym much later) was fond of theater and debuted in the performance Children of a ghetto with which the troupe of theater traveled all over many cities of America.

Surprisingly, but, having played a comic role of the black American once, Al for the rest of life entered this image, and today the symbol of the black jazzman flaunts on restaurant which bears a name of Jolson. Though, you see, the black Jew is in itself comically. But, I will repeat, " once; having got to the subject Al played this card again and again. By the way, Jolson gained huge popularity after execution in 1911 of a comic role of the black aristocrat who arrived to Europe. Thanks to the Broadway show Beautiful Paris Al became a star of the American platform.

It is necessary to tell also about a role of brothers Warner. Them was four - Harry, Albert, Jack and Sam - and they were sons of poor Jewish immigrants from Poland. It is the separate history demanding special consideration therefore I will be limited now so far only to their mention too. So, originally brothers invited to a role the jazz - the singer Jack Robin, nee Jacky Rabinovich, other Jewish star of those days - George Dzhessel. But the last refused to participate in the project. Under a specious excuse - having broken the astronomical sum of the fee. But it was even clear to profane persons - George just did not want to risk, without believing in success.

Uornera bought sound recording system, and in 1926 released a series of experimental short films to check the equipment. The success was stunning, and brothers decided to invest money in sound cinema. And there was an idea to remove something that will excite the audience. Also guessed: in the movie there is a lot of music, and it comes to an end on the pressing note - Jack Robin comes back to a synagogue to sing Stake Nidrey comes to the place where his father died.

Whether it is necessary to say that the stunning success Warner after the first forced brothers to release also the second movie. It was called The Singing fool and the leading role in it was played again by Al Jolson. And, though, having begun to enjoy, the audience welcomed the second movie still a big applause, but it became clear: movies - it is obvious not elements Ella. Here thinner actors were necessary. And despite it, Jolson managed to act in 15 - ti movies before his career began to decline. But also besides he earned up to 10 thousand dollars a week only from the Broadway that to pre-war measures was very decently.

The last surge in interest in creativity the jazz - the singer arose right after World War II. Two movies Jolson`s History (1946) and Jolson sings " again; (1949), forced people to remember again the person from whom all America went crazy. On the Walk of Fame of Hollywood there are three stars in memory about the most great variety actor of the world as the American press called Jolson.

It is necessary to add that Jolson died from extensive heart attack in 1950. And especially for fans of the jazz I will try to recover manner of performance of the great jazzman. It developed in 20 - e years and included pseudo-opera manner of performance, expressional gesticulation, easy communication with audience, impregnations of art whistle. Charlie Chaplin admired his ability to find contact with public