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How to spend time in a maternity leave with advantage?

Are unconditional, expectation of the child is happy time. However, sometimes it is burdened with various not palatable feelings and campaigns to the doctor not in pleasure and irritate very fragile tranquility of the pregnant woman. Work does not bring any more satisfaction because there is a wish to sleep, eat, every day is filled with infinite feeling of fatigue and delightful expectation of a maternity leave. Days last long and tiresomely, strengths of the woman on an outcome...

But here at last this day, comes the last working day. Colleagues see off joyful wishes, washing down them with the brought champagne and jamming cake. Around the questions " are heard; Who will be, did not tell yet? And you bought something already? And in what maternity hospital you are going to give birth? And how you think to call? etc. On the one hand, such attention is pleasant to any woman, and with another - the same infinite phrases tire. Future mummy leaves office with joyful feeling of the forthcoming rest, loudly leaving for herself a huff, ahead of the whole three years of rest from work

the Beginning of rest is also followed by a pleasant surprise in the form of sick-lists, in four months at once! Human happiness does not have a limit, and 10 more weeks it is possible to relax, long to sleep and to do nothing.

The first week occurs as it is conceived, the set of household chores, unread books, a great number of girlfriends which it would be desirable to meet, of tasty dishes which long ago not leisure was to prepare always collects. But on the second week our dekretnitsa feels left by all, thrown, the husband, girlfriends, parents are accustomed to go to work, all have some affairs and to have pins and needles in sides, was one week quite enough. Plus to that, begins to seem that everything hurts, in one place pricks, in another shoots, legs swell, the back is not unbent, and except jars with urine of entertainments - that also is not present.

Well and what to be engaged to the person in in this situation except how to ache and count up days to estimated date of childbirth?

1. Preparation for the birth of the kid. to

It is clear that if you trust in signs, then pinetochka you should not knit - the kid will be wound with an umbilical cord and in advance will buy nothing too, it is impossible, as they say. But horror as there is a wish to look for something, to learn the prices, colors, styles, technical characteristics. It is gradually possible to visit all or main shops of the city, to write down the prices, to look at the choice, but if the belief in signs is so strong, it is possible to buy.

And if you are not superstitious at all, then it is possible to prepare, everything that you will wish. Everything to look at

and to buy, arrange the nursery, to lay, wash, stroke, order some interesting things on the Internet, on the Internet - shops, very conveniently, only delivery to some regions of the country will cost kopek. A good thing - forums for future mothers, sit there living people who are in the same situation or already passed through it, it is possible to buy something privately or to listen to recommendations of necessity and uselessness of these or those children`s things. So, behind reading, time will pass quicker.

Both for the first, and for the second nobody cancelled the book, there is a wish to be grounded by the birth of the kid. There is a lot of books, they are very inconsistent, and only you are free to choose what suits you.

Is also very important to resemble courses for future mothers, there it is possible to learn a lot of things - as it is correct to breathe at childbirth, to nurse, swaddle, bathe, walk with the kid, also tell about pre-natal education of the child and about how to overcome fears of childbirth what it is better to refuse and what to prefer. And to all other courses are a communication with girls at whom still, as at you. Some women prefer to register to the pool or to resemble yoga, it is pleasant, it is useful, well as a hobby bodies, is remarkable change of a situation and besides allows to communicate people.

Needlework is also very interesting, and sometimes the desire to connect, sew, cross stitch wakens during pregnancy even if the needle with a thread in hand was never held. It is pleasant to make some small thing most, something like that tiny, soft and, the main thing, with all the heart.

2. Outdoor recreation.

It is healthy if the maternity leave at least partially gets for the summer, it is chance to stay outdoors and to have a rest from city bustle.

It is possible to visit the village, to take a walk in the fresh air, to drink fresh milk, to eat natural cottage cheese, perhaps, to see old friends. If weather hot, and the small river nearby pure, it is possible and to bathe though I all - was afraid of infections. Nobody cancelled shish kebabs, campaigns in the wood for berries or mushrooms, simple human pleasures yet. After a trip to the village and hemoglobin increases, and complexion, certainly, changes.

If there is no opportunity to go to rural areas and simply there is no place to go, go to parks, the woods more often, just you go on the nature, to the country, meet friends more often, it is necessary to see them not so often soon.

But during pregnancy I would definitely not depart where - nibud by plane, especially abroad, to the country with other climate, than at us and being in other time zone. To anything so to risk health of the child and own. I consider that such trips should be undertaken if there is on that a serious need.

3. Rest passive

of the House, in a cold winter icy cold it is possible to spend the time with advantage too - it is possible to compose verses or fairy tales, and then to read them to the puzik, painting very well calms, and for this purpose it is not necessary to have art education, nobody is forbidden to sketch what you feel.

can make At this time many trifles which in operating time hands did not reach - to issue a wedding album, to make the diary of pregnancy, can be to create the website devoted to future kid or themselves favourite.

Options the set is valid - it is possible to go to the cinema, theater, on a meeting with student`s group. Earlier on it there was no time, and now is!

Also it is impossible to forget about simple truth - have more a rest, get enough sleep, well eat, do not save on tasty and nutritious products and positive emotions, it is so important to approach the birth of the kid physically strong, psychologically grounded, beautiful and owning numerous theoretical knowledge woman!