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Which of brothers Orlov was called a purse poor, a staff lame, an eye gone blind ?

on October 5, 1737, 270 years ago, in a family of the nobleman Grigory Orlov the average son who was named Alexey was born. The father of brothers Orlov (and they were five) made an outstanding career, he died in 1746 when he was at a position of the Novgorod governor. And this its last step on a ladder of the Russian state hierarchy allowed his sons to start in life it is quite successful. But Alexey received from all five brothers, perhaps, the appreciation of contemporaries. It was called so: Soul of public cheerfulnesses, customs and customs, hope unfortunate, a purse poor, a staff lame, an eye of the soldier who went blind, pokoishche covered with wounds and the doctor of the sick citizen .

For what respected Alexey since his youth, so it for the fact that he, despite the high origin, began service in 14 - summer age the soldier Labe - guards of the Preobrazhensky Regiment. However, and other brothers of Orlova arrived in the same way, since ordinary Guards regiments. And only 11 years later Alexey served to the sergeant.

His name became widely known after palace revolution on June 28, 1762. On the night of June 28 Alexey arrived to Peterhof with the carriage to carry Ekaterina to St. Petersburg, sat down on a trestle near the driver and drove horses. When one of them on the road fell, it took away a horse from the counter peasant. When crowning the empress all five brothers Orlov received a count title.

A special page in Alexey Orlov`s biography - fight in the Chesmensky bay. When Catherine II appointed him the commander of the Russian squadron, Alexey did not blink also an eye. Just went to accept a squadron. And it had neither an experience of carrying out sea battles, nor even experience of command of one ship. But, as the proverb speaks: Fools are lucky . During battle with superior forces of Turks, there was an event which turned a fight outcome. Turkish ship Real - Moustapha lit up from well-aimed hit of a shell, its mast fell to Russian Efstavy on which jerked all ammunition, having destroyed everything around itself including the Turkish leader. The opponent ran, and the Russian ships pursued them.

For this victory Alexey Orlov was awarded by the Order of Saint George 1 class and a ring with the empress`s portrait, and later - Chesmensky`s title, the sword decorated with diamonds, silver service and 60 thousand rubles on the amendment of household chores. But this victory brought to it also additional confidence in the forces, certain reserve before vicissitudes of life in the future. It was useful soon because his elder brother, Grigory, lost title Catherine II`s favourite, having conceded sweet place to the prince Potemkin. All Orlova, as if on command, wrote the official report on dismissal. But only not the hero of fight in the Chesmensky bay. It has that just carte blanche was full. And if to ponder, this act was not less courageous at all, than battle with the enemy - whether to go against four brothers everyone will be solved?

Of course, it was necessary to leave also to Alexey, but a bit later for now the empress remembers him. However, at the suggestion of unruly Potemkin it sends Alexey to Italy with very scrupulous task - to steal the princess Tarakanova who got a false idea herself equal To Ekaterina. The princess was an adventurer of the highest test, for the Russian empress really dangerous - at least because drove gentle friendship with the Polish confederates.

Potemkin counted that the count will break on this " task; teeth but Alexey coped with a task brilliantly, he got to fall in love the princess and took out her to Russia. Today, when we watch the picture Princess Tarakanova heart clenches with pity. But it is difficult to imagine that shortly before it the princess considered herself vershitelnitsa of destinies . In a word, everyone bears the cross.

This task was apprehended by the public of the capital very ambiguously. There were people who began to despise the Chesmensky hero openly. And it, having felt strong fatigue wrote the application on resignation. Then Ekaterina determines by the decree to it pension of 25 thousand rubles a year and the general - an anshefsky salary over 4 thousand rubles.

Alexey Orlov moves to Moscow and very quickly becomes the national favourite. In - the first, he quite often organized festivities, in - the second, very much loved horses and even removed breed which received the name Oryol trotter . And, konnozavodchesky activity of the count began years for ten before resignation, he took to himself on plant of the best horses presented to the empress. It is enough to tell that the uterine livestock during lifetime of Orlov made 500 heads, and the total of horses with an issue reached 3 thousand. It is remarkable that, according to Orlov`s order, stallions from plant were not on sale and they were supported in plant to the death. The best of them were buried with honor, standing, in a ceremonial attire with a bridle, and riding - with a saddle.

How there lived Orlov in Moscow there are many certificates. Here one of them: The People were flown down to Not dull to a garden to look at horses of the count Orlov, a gallop, run, cock and fisticuffs. The count did not miss any festivity. Its magnificent departures decorated any holiday.

It is no wonder that when Orlov died on December 24, 1807 on 73 - m to year of life, the people crowds came to say goodbye to it. At carrying out of a coffin hundreds of thousands of people with the open heads with tears in the eyes submissively created a prayer about eternal rest to the kind person; his serf people sobbed violently