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How to stop destruction of?

the Person can be mistaken. I think that it can already be carried to laws or rules. Every day we pronounce words and we make some actions. Something brings benefit, and something harm. And every time we make the choice. Sometimes this choice happens so quickly that we not always notice that we told or that made.

Any mistakes do not pass completely. Traces them can be seen not only in character, but also in a body. Each negative act it is destructive affects cells of a brain. It can break not only internal, but also external cell structure. Changes depend at most emotions, duration and the frequency of repetitions. It is possible to tell that negative emotions are the beginning of destruction, and not only the personality, but also a body.

Negative information, first of all, influences that zone which at the time of commission of a negative act is most active. Each zone of a brain is responsible for work of any system. And the zone corresponding to that system which is involved at present will be the most active. If the person runs, then are most active blood, respiratory, oporno - motive systems and if during run of people makes something bad (for example, tests rage), then at the same time the cages which are responsible for work of these systems are distorted. Krom of function of memory cells of a brain have

also other function - management. Through a brain there is a management of a body. If the person did not make negative acts and did not experience negative emotions, then through a brain signals without hindrances and distortions would arrive. But in human life all absolutely not so.

The negative signal is the catalyst of chemical reaction in cages. Receipt of this signal leads to the fact that in organic compounds in cages there is an oxidation reaction. At the same time there are free radicals. Cages in which there is this reaction cannot correctly carry out the functions any more that leads to gradual changes in an organism.

Damage of several cages can and be not noticed how many do not notice also a negative in the life. Painful symptoms appear when already large number of cages is damaged. Only then the person pays attention that it has something not as it should be with a body. But the body is only a visible part of the person.

Over the years at the person experience of commission of the same mistakes with identical negative reaction of cells of a brain is saved up. Cages of our organism collapse. Of course, organism cages constantly are reproduced. But the matter is that the distorted cage shares or reproduces similar to a cage, i.e. the same distorted. Every time at emergence of negative reaction of the person on something or someone appears a signal which causes chemical reaction in cells of a brain as a result of which there are free radicals, and further change at the cellular level.

Oh, if the person did not continue to make mistakes, then we would become participants of the occurring miracles and healings. And it is possible!

for this purpose is necessary sincere understanding that the evil does only harm.

Is more sincere desire to change to the best.