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Who are they - the creatures shivering or the right having?

So who I am? The creature shivering or the right having? . Familiar phrase, misters journalists? Yes, great Dostoyevsky. But not about the Russian classic and not about his immortal work Crime and punishment now the speech will go. And about journalists.

The Word beats more painfully, than a knife or a stone - A. Libling, the American journalist told. It is difficult not to agree with it. Journalists skillfully use the weapon.

Talented, dull, cruel, cunning, curious scribblers often potter about in your life, trying to discover subjects for the articles. They ransack in search of the notorious sensations! They seek to filter through cracks and holes. They stick a nose in everything in what it can be put. They dig so deeply that they would be envied even by moles. Their scent concedes nothing to a police dog scent. They do not disdain to stir dirty linen . They rummage on history garbage cans. To Get to the truth at any cost - there is their purpose.

They heat each other, run roughshod over other`s feelings, being the first.

They open eyes to society, they receive the first birches, they risk, staking everything. They lose and win. They fall on knees, but right there rise and without being afraid of either reproaches, or pain, go forward. They bite lips till it bleeds, but on their eyes there are no tears. They have to be strong. They try to realize themselves in this unruly world where for them there is a place.

To Troy of days not to sleep, three days to walk for the sake of several lines in the " newspaper; Whether it is easy for them??? Whether easily to them to put under legs to society the dream to look how it will be crushed?

the Journalist is many-sided, resourceful, hardy, sociable. And how differently??? In a different way it will be crushed. The journalist does not know what is conscience, but learned by heart what is objectivity. The journalist precisely knows that he will be able to sell, and that not in the price. The journalist is able to extol on the tops, but also dexterously he is able to trample to the earth.

Cowards do not suffer a defeat, but also do not win victories . Journalists are able to lose. To lose adequately. They do not love durability, reliability, predictability. They are not able to think and feel on a template. They like to look in the past and the future, but live in eternally moving stream. The journalist is open for new and novel. He is not afraid of uncertainty. Not to frighten him criticism.

Force of words is so big that is capable great to be made small, small to represent huge, long ago known to express to all in a new way, and to present affairs of recent time in the old manner - Isokrat, the Greek speaker said. Here it, great strength of the journalist.

You will Live, to fly is not present - it seems to me that it is the scariest words for the journalist who fell from fantastic heights to the ground. Not to fly - means to the journalist to become one of many: to believe only in what all got used to trust in.

So who are they, journalists? The creatures shivering or the right having? I think that it is everyone solves for himself. You will be accepted as you will put yourself - wise Montesquieu said. Reflect. Something to change time right now. Exactly today. Our life, What of all days, never comes - asked me once. I long thought, but did not find the answer. Tomorrow`s - prompted to me. So let`s begin to be improved today, will never come tomorrow!