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For what sex - control is necessary?

of it would not see my eyes. Couple of days ago I include Eurosport and there just weightlifting competitions among women. Having looked at only half an hour, I did not think any more whether it is possible to call sportswomen women. Forgive when comes to a scaffold Svetlana with a man`s face and the same hairdress, and during a bar raising, in peak of the tension, you distinctly see that woman per se cannot be seen...

Whether many mannish women among sportswomen are valid? I tried to understand this question by means of on-line mass media, comments of users, and also materials of sports journalists.

Having begun with the Belarusian press, namely with Soviet Belarus I came across the material Beauty on - it is American Sergey Kanashits. In material it is told about mannish tennis-players. It is enough to compare Mauresmo and Sharapova as at once you see obvious distinctions. Even if to put before itself two photos of these sportswomen, then with the naked eye it will be noticeable, it is how more also than muskulisty Mauresmo, than Sharapov. Looking at Maria, we really see feminity, we see beauty, appeal, female features, at Mauresmo of it is not observed.

I will give cutting from material about the lesbian Martina Navratilova who at the time of the USSR was considered by a phenomenon, but now where look, you see: whether the woman, whether the man, or in general two in one.

The quote from the material Beauty on - it is American :

About 20 years ago when Lesbian Martina Navratilova (too in own way mannish athlete) was perceived in the USSR as a certain anomaly and a monster, the Dutch tennis player Richard Krajicek is the huge broad-shouldered jockstrap with whose giving (the ball flew with a speed of 200 kilometers per hour) not everyone could cope, opened the heart: You look, in female tennis there is no nice sportswoman left! One cows. It is accident...

Following the place where brought me. ru. In the material The Olympic hermaphrodites - byl or the fairy tale dumbfounded me that mannish athletes most of all, appears, in track and field athletics. But as soon as sex - control in 1968, before the Olympic Games in Mexico City appeared, checks on a sex became obligatory. And what happened? All dominating sportswomen of the USSR were forced to fade into the background. But the most unique case happened to the German champion in shot put Heidi Krieger: it was so stuffed with anabolic steroids that not voluntarily, and on need of an organism it was forced to change sex. As approves the edition, now her name is Andreas.

If to track a chain of emergence and cancellation or not compulsory passing sex - control, then at the moment there is no procedure per se. It was cancelled before the Olympic Games in Sydney, and, looking at results in female sports, do not believe whether it is possible to set up so often new personal records and to win so much?

I think very few people know what is Asian track and field athletics games. These competitions seldom show on the TV, and the Indian athlete, the runner on 800 meters write a little to mass media about them, but even there, could not pass a test for a sex. The girl, if it is possible to call so her whose name Santi Sundaragian, taken the second place, was deprived by medals. So where justice? Why someone check for sex - control, and someone is absent?

You know while worked on material, came across such phrase: Why in chess there is a division into men and women? . Interestingly, truth? It would seem, in chess force is not necessary, it is not necessary to pass sex - control, and all the same divide men and women.

Some offer for the women having physiological features it is necessary to create separate group in sport. But its creation requires obligatory passing of the test for a sex which does not exist now.

And, apparently, for so long time of holding the same Olympic Games the question already so many time was brought up, but was not solved. I hope that sometime women will cease to fight with men on one competitive path. Also I hope that sex - control will be entered into the world of sport again.

P. S. brought fresh issue of today`s city newspaper Couple of minutes ago. I managed to find a note about Santi Sundaragian which tried to commit suicide by means of medicines in it, but in a serious condition she was taken to hospital...