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Whether the truth that all roads conduct to Rome?

Great Cleopatra did not hurry towards to the Caesar. Behind it in a long caravan forty she-asses milking to support youth and beauty of the queen of Egypt strode. Magnificently dressed slaves and the horses decorated with jewels bore the load filled by gold, silver, east spices. And Rome clapped to this magnificence!.

... I arrived to Rome by plane, I had no forty she-asses, but I felt like the queen because I followed in the tracks of great and terrible emperors: Caesar, Augustus, Tiberiya, Kaligula, Neron. And Neron set fire to Rome! - with horror I think and I look around. But is not present. Rome is beautiful. There is no trace left also from the odd fellow Neron who offered the city for the sake of art. But also in it there is a poetics of Rome - to offer the great city of the world for the sake of art.

For a long time and everything it is known that Italy - the classical country of tourism incredibly popular around the world. The ancient beautiful cities striking and bewitching the beauty, unique monuments of art, favorable climate very emotional and at the same time benevolent people and the magnificent nature of the country brought it unforgettable glory. to See

with own eyes the most ancient monuments of art, to get acquainted with culture and the real Italian cuisine is for many only unrealizable dream but it is so pleasant to dream! And what, suddenly the dream will sometime come true?

For me Italy was very interesting story and culture the country which I always wanted to visit and this year such opportunity was presented to me! Till the last moment it was not believed that I will be able to see with own eyes all about what it is so colourful and it is extraordinary fascinating was it is written in magazines and guides! All roads conduct to Rome - ancient wisdom says. And sooner or later roads of travelers across Europe will bring into Rome. They say that in it there are a lot of ghosts: in the Colosseum souls of the tortured slaves wander; about a city wall of Muro Torto there are violators of the law buried here; prestigious streets are visited high-ranking guests . The legend says that Lorenz Felitschini`s beauty, the wife of the count Cagliostro who publicly accused the husband of sorcery on the area of Spain from - for what he was executed, wanders in the cold evenings here. But, despite all legends and legends, evenings in Rome there are a lot of tourists from all countries of the world. In the evening the ancient city comes to life and takes a modern form by means of the burning signs of shops, street musicians and artists. To understand a riddle of this ancient city, there will not be enough also life.

There are most important sights which are business card Rome and which surely should be visited if you arrived to this beautiful, mysterious and bewitching city.

The first that struck me as soon as we got out of the airport to the city - it is goodwill and expressivity of Italians. On the way to our hotel, having stopped on the traffic light, the girl on red Nissan Micro asked our driver how to reach to the place necessary to it. If our Russian driver can ignore or not open a window at all, then the Italian began to explain in detail with a smile and gestures how to pass, without paying attention to beeps of other drivers and to us too.

On arrival to one of the most known and visited cities of Italy - Rome, I did not feel as the tourist who arrived to absolutely others country Of course, this city cardinally differs from our native Moscow, but in Rome I did not feel the stranger. After several hours I remembered names of streets where the main sights and our hotel are located, and also studied the subway map which was not so difficult, and, above all, very convenient. In the subway it was pure, but it is not so beautiful as in Moscow. But when there arrived the train, it became clear that trains and cars strongly differ from ours, for example, in abundance of light and is bright - orange seats which lighten mood in the cheerful color, the conditioner by means of which cool and pleasant temperature, and also screens which show names of stops and colourful advertizing is maintained in cars.

After several days the impression was made that I live in this remarkable city all life! Without special difficulties I managed to learn several most important and often used Italian words, and also to understand a map of the city, to go by public transport and to choose dishes from the menu of ethnic cuisine.

Naturally, the first that we should visit, is the Colosseum. Having arrived there in the evening when it was beautifully highlighted, we went to it closer to be photographed with the gladiator who stands near the Colosseum and suggests to make couple of unusual and cheerful pictures. We were very surprised when it turned out that with this fake gladiator my mother was photographed 5 years ago when was in Rome.

Of course, we could not leave Rome, without having visited Vatican. We arrived there when was very hot and beams of the scorching sun, being reflected, sparkled multi-colored iskrinka in the fountain on the square. Having waited in huge line and having passed by serious guards in very cheerful color suits, we nevertheless got to Vatican. Having come inside, I felt as the tiny little man in comparison with a huge construction. Mentally I compared our church, small, cozy and such native, and Vatican, huge, magnificent and majestic. In Vatican ashes of the first Pope, apostle Christ - Pyotr are based. He was crucified in Rome, and people still believe that, having touched Pyotr`s sculpture, there will be a healing. It was not believed that I will be in Vatican, and also in a temple vault where there is a tomb of Saint Peter about whom there are a lot of legends. How many the truths in these legends, know only the Vatican archives.

Having stayed in Rome only three days, but having managed to be photographed with the main and most beautiful sights for the photoreport which is coming on return, we went to the station where bought train tickets of Eurostar in Rimini

For us was very surprising when the train was late for 20 minutes but as it appeared, it is absolutely habitual for the Italian citizens. At the same time the public transport in Italy strikes with the comfort and usability. For all the time of stay in Italy to us the crowd of the people trying to be pushed and located in one small bus or the trolleybus never met.

There now we also arrived to the resort town of Rimini. Having settled down in hotel, we could not wait to go on investigation to the city. And as all residents and tourists of Rimini, we rented bicycles and went on the city. Our way lay through two huge and madly beautiful parks in which we heard the acquaintance, but the speech, at the same time not similar to our native language. Crowds to the people, the magnificent crowns talking among themselves and having a good time in a shadow gathered every day in these parks. Having listened to the speech of strangers, we understood that it is Ukrainians, and is obvious not tourists. As well as to all curious women, us with mother it became just necessary to learn who these people and why they do nothing every day in parks. And at the first opportunity when in one of shops of Rimini the Russian-speaking woman got to us, mother asked about Ukrainians who sit in park. As it appeared, these are women who arrived to Italy to earn money, working as nurses for old men. The matter is that in Italy there are a lot of elderly people. It is proved by the fact that average life expectancy of Italians - 88 years.

In general, for us, the Russian citizens, apparently, got used to everything, there was just improbable and surprising the fact that in Rimini there were almost no pedestrians. All people rode bicycles, and only units went on foot. And even grandfathers and grandmothers to whom long ago for seventy, ride bicycles! It so shocked us that we with mother decided to imprint on a chamber of remarkable people in old age by bicycles that on arrival home to show to our grandmothers and grandfathers as there live elderly people in Italy as they enjoy life and play sports, unlike our elderly people who do not want to go abroad, being afraid that something God forbid will occur.

The touching and attentive attitude towards elderly people pleasantly surprised us. They can be met in small coffee houses on the squares discussing political and other news in cafe - a karaoke where they take places in advance that in the evening to sing songs of the youth. Elderly people live in Italy, enjoying every minute which was provided to them by life. In my opinion, when there is opportunity, it is necessary to visit places in which you never were, and always dreamed to visit! And let to you for a long time for seventy, but if health allows why and is not present? Why not to go to some country which always dreamed to visit, and then to tell about the travel to other grandmothers who discuss same day by day, sitting at an entrance?

To go to other countries and to learn culture and art of other people is not waste of time and money! This useful, extraordinary interesting and fascinating occupation! And, above all, memory of fine travel for a long time will remain in our hearts It is so pleasant to remember and tell friends about the adventures and impressions of a trip sometimes.