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How to make washed with own hands for 10 steps?

Soap of handwork are not a whim of the started missing housewife, but a scope for creativity, a good gift to the family and, in some way, an exclusive which can from simple hobby for the to turn into business.

I will make a reservation At once: cats and dogs and other animals we will not touch. To steal fat from clinics of plastic surgery as heroes well-known " Fight club; - too. Especially as the purposes at us the most peace.

Certainly, it is simpler to someone to buy soap in shop and not to potter with hot water and soap shaving. Sometimes to buy even cheaper as for production self-made it is necessary to spend some sum for essential oils. But it is possible to be proud of result of the works and to be sure that definitely anybody has no SUCH soap any more. And the pleasure from process of creation something the hands to you definitely and for any money will not be sold anywhere.

Without shelving business, we will pass from lyrics to practice.

What is required?

- Soap (it is desirable children`s, it does not possess a strong smell and costs not much).

- Oils - bases: almond, cedar, sea-buckthorn... The main thing - without strong smell.

- Essential oils (lemon, lavender, a tea tree, etc.) .

- Fillers (the dried petals of flowers).

- Water for dilution of soap weight.

- Ware for a steam bath.

- Molds (it is desirable not glass).

All ingredients can be bought in any drugstore.


1. Grind soap on a small grater. Many soap makers advise before it to take soap on the sun or on the hot battery as at a mastication it is possible to inhale soap dust. For health it is hardly pernicious, but continuous sneezing is not palatable too. It is checked personally!

2. Take on 1 spoon of oils - bases (2 - 3 spoons if oil one) and 1 spoon of glycerin. Mix. Put ware on a steam bath.

3. Warm up oil. Fill up soap. Better not everything at once, and in the small portions. That soap was kindled quicker, add hot water.

4. When soap will begin to remind liquid dough, pour in several drops of essential oils. After addition of each essential oil carefully mix.

If soap initially had not too pleasant smell, drip slightly more essential oil. It is excessive to be zealous it is not necessary.

About a combination of smells it is better (aromatics) to read specialized literature, the benefit, now it is not so difficult to find it.

5. Fill up a filler and mix. Some advise as a filler to taste ground coffee. Thus the gentle and natural srub for especially sensitive skin turns out.

Many use gruel of the ground tropical fruit, for example, banana.

6. Pour soap on molds.

7. When will cool down, put in the refrigerator.

8. Exactly to take out ready soap, put molds in a plate with hot water. But for a while, differently soap will begin to melt.

9. Dry (1 - 2 day).

10. Use on health!

At all seeming simplicity soap manufacture is a perennial spring of experiments with color, a form, aromas. Dare! At you everything will turn out!