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What vital force begins with?

We are responsible not only for what we do, but also for what we do not do .

Zh. - B. Moliere.

it is better for i to Do

, than was. Why it is necessary? It is much more convenient to carry out something on " submachine gun;. Or not to carry out - on a habit. And for improvement of quality it is necessary to strain, do brains of effort. It is so troublesome. Or perhaps not so it and is difficult? And the pleasure from the received results is much more important than conveniences? Could! Managed! It`s a go! And it turns out only when you try to do. Maybe not two, and not three, and time is much more. And at someone and from the first it turns out. It is asked: Why? . It is advisable to look narrowly, understand.

Any process can be analysed, i.e. to spread out to components, to understand the mechanisms moving it. The answer happens very simple. This person is more attentive, patient. Other person is sure that desperate situations do not happen, and looks for the decision up to the end. Sometimes it is necessary to find qualitatively new option. Every moment it is unique and demands non-standard approach, creative thinking. Ancient spoke: It is impossible to enter the same river " twice;. It is unlikely possibly in accuracy to repeat what is already made. Conditions changed, also we changed. But the analogy to what is already known helps to understand what is unknown.

Something new can be comprehended in images and concepts old, habitual. The first planes were created by analogy with flight of birds, kites and gliders. The analogy to something simple helps to understand more difficult. The analogy to a current of liquid in a tube played an important role in research of properties of electric current. Supervision over action of muscles was an incitement for creation of the excavator. And they are results of work cogitative.

Perhaps reasonings on work will seem to someone primitive. But it is well-known that work promotes evolution. And it belongs not only to a physical activity. Creation of itself is a work. Work for the rest of life. Work - to think, understand, find mutual understanding. Not to list everything, but all this is rewarded only by the real happiness. Neither money, nor gloss, nor the magic wand granting any desires will give it.

There is an opinion that the one who does nothing is not mistaken. But also he is mistaken. The mistake is that it does nothing. And if to try to improve what did not turn out for the first time, then each time mistakes will be less and less. Time of mistakes less, so it is made better, i.e. what hands and intelligence are laid to gradually improves. There is a formation of the personality.

The same can be told also about relationship between people. They can be improved too. The person seeking for improvement increases quality not only in some concrete business or area. It increases quality of the life, and not only the, but also the general as a part of a whole.

And what to do if it is impossible? If hands fall? To lift them to be exempted from uncertainty, despair. The person considering that desperate situations do not happen finds a way out not only because in it it is confident, but also because there are no deadlocks really until the person built them the mistakes. Deadlocks appear when the solution of problems is postponed ( it will wait it is useless etc.) . And when the person will understand that it is necessary to undertake now something and that is not useless, and it is even very useful to think over what to do, continually will move with dead points. Time there was a desire to work, there are also opportunities because their person looks for. And who looks for - that always finds.

With what vital force begins? Most precisely to tell - from thought. When to the person the thought comes, together with it force - readiness to work comes. Uniting, we multiply force. Becoming reserved, pursuing only personal interests, we limit and we lose opportunities. Your force - in your hands.

The Lie that life is gloomy

B to it is everything that the person will want to find, and in it there are forces to create what is not present in it .

M. Gorky.