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Whether it is always necessary to think?

Mind consists not only in knowledge, but also in ability to apply knowledge in practice .


works which, apparently, do not demand brain efforts Are. Read the instruction - and forward , or listen to the administration, let it think, it is necessary to it on staff. It is possible to buy still the collection of councils for all occasions. The choice is huge: both for the house, and for a garden, healing from all diseases and how to grow rich, love spells, and a future prediction, and for afterlife - generally, everything that the soul will wish. The impression is made that everything is thought up long ago by clever people, it is described and stated. Why to heat the head - use what is already available.

It seems all truth, indeed. But try to use the usual culinary recipe if you do not have only one product, and there is no place to take it. What needs to be made? Correctly - to think , than to replace it. To compare this product to others, to choose from them the most suitable, to define proportions. Here also the new recipe - your own is ready! Means to take ready knowledge and advice, it is necessary to think too. Whatever detailed was the instruction written by other people they just not could consider only. At least that they - not you. It should write separate instructions on some questions for scattered and hasty, full and thin, phlegmatic persons and choleric persons

The instruction calculated on thoughtless execution can be written only for the automatic machine if all its properties are known. And as the person is up to the end known by nobody, even he, and ready councils for him will be thought up. Even in trifles, not to mention responsible affairs and decisions. Then you want - you do not want - it is necessary to think nevertheless. And even what became already repeatedly is checked and by heart learned. Here it is worth changing only a few conditions, and it is already necessary to think out something new. Otherwise the mistake is possible. And conditions change constantly and if we do not want to be mistaken through each step, the intelligence needs to be held constantly on the alert.

Someone will tell: Well, the intelligence is not about me. I do not rank as the intellectuals of . Whether and any person who is engaged in mental work it is possible to call intellectual ? There are people widely-read, erudite, shining with knowledge, but at the same time nailing are not able to hammer. There are scientists who show tremendous endowments in the different field of science, but are absolutely helpless in life. And is also such which did not graduate universities, but do necessary and beautiful things of waste material.

It is it is unlikely possible to separate work of intelligence from all other life. Without it and a spoon you will not learn to hold - you will not understand what end to insert into a mouth. All have an intelligence, only the level of its development in all different. The intelligence includes both information baggage, and ability to dispose of it, distinguishing reality. The child distinguishes surrounding objects, people only in the most general terms: what car he would not see, he speaks - it is the " car; he speaks about all people - this is the uncle it is the aunt . The adult (if he attentively looks) can define not only a make of the car, it age but on small nuances - and traits of character of the one who drives.

You remember Sherlock Holmes? Its success is an attentiveness, commitment and ability to connect everything that learned in a whole and saw. The intelligence works as the radio receiver - is adjusted on necessary wave also catches various information. And then from this information, as from children`s designer different ideas, decisions, projects are under construction. And also new questions on which it is necessary to look for answers. The more questions, the less mistakes there are more new ideas - the better the intelligence works. And if not to set them absolutely, to pass by eyes and take in everything that occurs around, then and to brains to rust not for long.

Not only career and professional achievements, but also health depends on desire to think. For example, long time in the scientific environment was considered that the nervous cages destroyed by stresses are not restored. Now it became known that it not so. It appears, nervous cages are restored when the person considers subsequently, reinterprets those moments of life in which they were destroyed, recognizing that then it was not right, making the decision to behave in the future in a different way.

Having reflected once, people stop drinking, come back to families, finish the affairs which are given up many years ago.

How to measure intellectual level? There is a set of the most different tests, but each of them, whatever fields of knowledge it concerned, does not guarantee exact result. Successful examination still does not speak about anything. Was late, quarreled, allowed marriage in work, did not give help, still something did much harm - means, you do not know, you are not able to think even if studied as the five.

The real power of intelligence is defined in practice, and cannot be a difference between the number of truly made decisions and quantity of the made mistakes. Power of intelligence consists of faultless decisions and kind acts - the acts which are not doing harm. The less mistakes, the intelligence is higher. And not in tests and books of problems, and in work and in life. Because both you think, and you live.

Those who do not know can be taught. It is impossible to help those who do not want to know. Wisdom business acquirable. There would be a hunting.