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Jews came from the Crimea???

say Ancient legends and written sources that in bible days, nice only one state which nobody attacked existed for numerous military campaigns, wars, destruction of the people and fantastic destructions. It is Egypt. Stories are unknown cases of occupation and destructions of this great country.

One of such groups was headed by Moisey. He led six hundred thousand armed sons Israel (it is more, than Genghis Khan`s horde). The book of the Outcome reports that in forty years of wandering in the desert this army subdued thirty one kingdoms and conquered Palestine. This nice military expedition took place against the will of the Pharaoh, and he agreed to it only after the numerous natural disasters which received the names " fell upon the country; ten Egyptian executions . Considering a geographical position of Egypt, it would be possible to expect as natural disasters the sea earthquake which ruined fleet and the flooded fertile plains, invasion of huge crocodiles or the phenomenon of a deep-water pangolin But ten Egyptian executions are that that force the Bible Student movement to doubt that business in general happened in Egypt.

For example, disaster the first. Water turned into blood. This misfortune is treated so that during a time of flood of Nile waters are bought by a brown shade from - for alluvial silt. But what this disaster if it repeats from year to year. Also foretells a good harvest? And, water became similar to blood not only on color, but also to taste and quality. But all this is only for Egyptians, for Jews water remained permanently transparent. Even more confuses a picture the message of the Book of the Outcome that water into blood was turned by magicians the charms. So execution or intrigues of magicians? But the sacrament of transformation of wine and water in blood is a Christian ceremony of a participle. How it could exist in Egypt of the thirteenth century B.C.?

Here the second Egyptian execution - invasion of a horde of toads, they struck lands and waters, they everywhere - in houses, furnaces, slouches teem Here the quote from the Book of the Outcome: Also the Lord told Moisey: tell Aaron, the brother, stretch your hand with your staff on the rivers, on streams both on lakes, and on a jungle, and bring toads to the earth Egyptian . From the bible text it is visible that the described country is very rich with water sources, the rivers, lakes, streams. But the only river of Egypt is Nile, and throughout about one and a half thousand kilometers it has no inflow. Near it toads, of course, can be found. But slightly aside - in the heated dry sand? As for lakes, it is very symbols for several reservoirs along the Mediterranean Sea - they are separated from it only by tongues of sand. And where, it is interesting to know, are Egyptian jungle ? And why the word is not mentioned what should be noticed - the sea? So, Egypt - the woody country with a set of waterways? Really it was such at the time of Moisey?

As the third and fourth disasters which fell upon Egyptians midges in public and on cattle, and pes of a fly are called. In them there is nothing specifically Egyptian, they annoy people almost around the world. The same can be told also about the fifth Egyptian execution - about Morava an ulcer, a large murrain. The sixth disaster - in public and on cattle an inflammation with abscesses - a serious infectious illness, epidemic of an unknown origin. Too phenomenon characteristic not only for Egypt.

Special bewilderment of the Bible Student movement is caused by the seventh Egyptian execution . Here is how it is represented in the Book of the Outcome: And the Lord made a thunder and a hail, and fire spread on the ground. Also there was a hail, and fire between a hail. Also beat a hail on all earth Egyptian everything that was in the field, from the person to cattle, and all grass field was beaten by a hail, and all trees were broken in the field . Similar to this hail in Egypt was not. Means, the Bible had material for comparison. But whether there are data that in the north of the African continent such phenomenon how frequent drop-out of a hail, was frequent? It seems, and nowadays in Egypt thunder-storms not so often rattle, lightnings sparkle and the strongest hail drops out. The hail breaking trees. There is a heat, in the sky a cloudlet much more often. Moreover, in Egypt sometimes for five years there is no rain How to correlate all this to the bible text? One more riddle of the seventh executions - the list of the crops destroyed by a hail. In the text of the Bible barley, flax, polbo (zhito), wheat are specified. Researchers are perplexed: in Egypt always grew up rice and a cotton! And the eighth disaster - invasion of a locust - seems disaster only to Europeans and that not all. As for the people of Middle Eastern lands and Mesopotamia, at many of them the locust in general was esteemed for a delicacy. But in the Bible Egypt is described, and in it could be and not so. The locust covered person of the earth ruined escaped from a hail, filled, covered all houses It, the Bible underlines, nobody ever saw. The locust was brought by east wind, and carried away western. But on what it fed if to it everything was destroyed by a hail? And maybe, a locust - only a metaphor? For example, for unprecedented snowfall which quite logically appears after a hail. At least, researchers consider quite so. Confuses interpreters of the Scripture and the ninth execution . Also there will be a darkness on the earth Egyptian tangible darkness three days they did not see each other . Iosif Flavy, author Judaic antiquities and Judaic war explains: Egyptians were shrouded in a dense impenetrable haze so they ceased to see something owing to density of air It was possible to choke with such dense fog . Dense three-day fog in Egypt - the phenomenon impossible. The climate does not allow. And here in other countries, for example, European, it in the nature of things. The most terrible execution - the death of firstborns which Iosif Flavy treats as plague epidemic was the tenth -. It is known that this illness affects first of all young people, firstborns, successors. So was and in Europe, so was also in Russia.

So, follows from the text of the Book of the Outcome that ten Egyptian executions ten natural disasters, occurred in the country where priests turned water into blood (made sacrament of a participle) where was full - full of the rivers, canals, lakes teeming with toads where it was possible to meet flax, wheat where thunder-storms with the hail rattled in a midges horde jungle where grew up barley, and for three days there were dense fogs, from - for whom people could not move on roads Very strange country also very much is not similar to that Egypt which is known to all. By the way, Moisey with the troops who is trying to obtain from the Pharaoh of permission to leave Egypt, at all did not suffer neither from a hail, nor from plague in any way though was in the same place, on coast of Nile. Also its cattle did not suffer Devout biblical scholars and professional historians are angry usually on such questions and shower laymen with venomous sneers. But laymen whatever they were cannot but notice in the Bible of exotic lines - for example, lines 147 - go a psalm. Them I will also finish reflections about executions Egyptian .

Praise Jerusalem, the Lord, praise Zion, your God because it strengthens vere of your gate, blesses the sons among you, approves within yours the world, tuky wheat sates you, sends the word to the earth, the word Its, GIVES SNOW as a wave, HOARFROST as ashes POURS quickly flows, throws the hail pieces, nobody will resist his MOROZ. Will send the word and everything will thaw, will blow the wind Svoim, and waters will begin to flow.

It announced the word to Jacob, the charters and the courts to Israel. He did not make that to any other people, and they do not know the vessels Its. Hallelujah .