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How to improve perception through hearing and a kinestetika? Games and exercises of

When at me speak: Why to fish umbrella? I represent touching creation with a long vualevy tail and a cane in a fin on which end the bright dome is opened, and I think: Poor - poor kinestetik, you are overloaded with information and were covered from it, but protection - that imaginary .

And ordinary slang phrase On a fig to a goat a bayan? too causes professional reaction: Better to hear! And expression as to an elephant pellet ... And others.

Joke, of course. And if it is serious, then audial as experts speak, we have less, than visual learners as the optic nerve is much thicker acoustical, and so, and conductivity at it is more. I can quote this statement only because in anatomy it is not too strong.

Anyway to understand these audial, without straining in a podyskivaniye of the expressions preferred by them, it is the best of all if to develop own acoustical perception . There are several practical ways which can be used in the form of entertainments of the house, in the friendly company, on occupations with children.

Familiar sounds

This game resembles warm-up which was offered for training of a visual information channel. In group, in couple or alone there are answers to a request to call, and then to call and reproduce:

- nature sounds;

- voices of animals;

- the noise published by devices.

It is possible to offer scoring at different distance (a dog who barks behind a wall or in close proximity; the noise of a surf reaching through an open balcony door or directly under legs etc.) .

Certainly, it is necessary to consider age of participants. But how many it was years, they will play more willingly, feeling approval and counting on encouragement. And it is possible to diversify a set of tasks at own will and to a discretion.

Guess a melody

It is, perhaps, the most widespread way which can be varied, offering:

- to learn motive from the acquaintance for group or the partner of repertoire,

- to sing it;

- to continue the begun melody.

Click in mind

Having concentrated on itself in silence, we will click fingers, listening to a sound, and then we will try to reproduce it in mind. If it does not turn out - it does not matter, it is possible to repeat so many time how many it will be required. But then it will turn out that this imagined click it is possible to operate : to mentally move its sound that it was distributed from above - from below, at the left - on the right, is louder - more quietly.

Try, it is quite amusing and at the same time - it is useful!

Now about a kinestetika which is expressed in images of touches, smells, tastes. As warm-up the games similar earlier offered for visual and acoustical perception will approach, and then those that are calculated on deeper assimilation are added to them.

For tactile feelings:

Familiar feelings offers to call

In this game a certain number:

- occupations in kitchen (in garage, on an athletic field);

- the sports connected with a ball game (needlework, culinary processing of products);

- the objects having a smooth surface (rough, hilly).

- objects about which it is possible to prick (to burn, be hooked).


Part of tasks of the previous game can be used for reproduction in a pantomime, but it is possible to add also others:

- to represent threading of a thread in a needle (with consecutive preparation and use of the imagined objects), putting on of close footwear, etc. Ridiculous tasks are performed with bigger hunting, as a rule, - and it should be considered!

The Imagined touch to

offers to present a contact to various surfaces: to silk, concrete, the TV, a hot plate, etc. In group it can be organized so that in the second round all in turn represented this action, and the others guessed to what touched player.

For flavoring:

Tastes on memory Participants call


- five sweet dishes;

- five herbs used as seasonings to food;

- five objects, bitter on taste.

Strange tasting

After warm-up the trainer suggests all to feel taste:

- the pickles mixed with ice cream;

- tomatoes with strawberry jam;

- cream of wheat with mustard;

- milk herring soup; and finally -

- milk with chocolate or still something tasty (and that players will be tired to screw up the face).

For smelled, i.e. smells and aromas:

Call smells :

- connected with the nature;

- connected with engines;

- the most pleasant.

the same Conditions, as in other similar games.

Smells which are absent, but they are

In this exercise is offered to feel smells of various objects without representation of their visions: strawberry gasoline hot borsch cold borsch. After it begins to turn out, it is also possible to train in management them: to represent smells stronger or weak, arriving from the different parties.

There now, in principle, and all. That is, of course, not all. It is possible and in a different way. But best is oftentimes the enemy of the good, so, perhaps, it is time to stop.

Good luck and mutual understanding!