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Looked for a needle in a haystack, and as a result found a treasure of

Ten years! Ten years passed since I left the parental house. No, even eleven. Oldest daughter 10 years. And what good or bad occurred in my life for this period of independent life? A lot of things was. She is twice married, four children and an array of problems! I feel that every year, every month and in every afternoon I approach some line, I will cross it - and everything will change in a flash. With bated breath, I will tell: Here they! Changes in my life came! .

Day after day as routine - last one after another, and nothing good occurs. There was, it seems, a gleam of hope at which I grasped, as for a vivifying breath of fresh air when, after numerous searches, adjoined one of churches. Life played new paints. I on fingers of one hand can count those periods of the life when I made really correct and wise decisions, and, on the contrary, a huge number of times I was mistaken.

My last act changed all my life. I did not expect such turn of events. The last 5 years I was in constant tension and I often had failures of mood. However I knew that there is from this situation remarkable exit, but where to find it? And 4 years ago I seriously undertook finding the correct solution of the problems what it costed me. A lot of things from read and studied by me were valid fantastically interesting and accepted, but... nothing in my life changed.

Any decision was given me with great work and a remorse. I knew well that I go on the correct way, and all - that was not enough for me. Was not enough as air as waters, as bread. Yes, I admit the fact that the Bible is a source of spiritual food, but agree that it is necessary to be able to chew it and to digest. And it seemed to me that at me everything turns out as it is necessary, and all-!. I was not quite happy with the life.

The devil of my character - something when the feeling of a stress or depression becomes ripe is cardinal to change. When I feel that the wheel of my life escapes at me from hands, I urgently look for changes: I changed hairdresses, marital status, work, the residence... Most often I changed a situation in the house - rearranged furniture as it is the most available way something to change (if not a point then a point of view). The last 5 years I am a housewife - a good occasion to replace the status! I decided to begin to work, but not as I did it earlier. Besides two diplomas, I much still what can do by the hands, but it would be desirable something new.

Business - it seems not for me, but how to learn? Here I want to try this craft, and suddenly, something will change in my life... I feel it, though I do not know as. This sphere of life is not familiar to me at all! The majority are negative to this craft, associating it with financial pyramids. And here... it happened! I signed the contract with one of numerous firms. It costed me some efforts: in - the first, I wanted to cooperate with the most decent company that I corresponded to my outlooks and did not contradict my religious beliefs; in - the second that, whenever possible, there was the minimum first contribution or in general without that (not a stiver); well and in - the third, it was necessary still to persuade the spouse to spend for me that though to buy something for a start.

I lit up and planned at once in managers. Made the plan and began its implementation. Time goes - nothing occurs. Began to overcome doubts in the opportunities. Some business turns out sluggish... The gut feeling prompts that I on the right track, only do not sit, idly. Act - look for! Began to dig on the Internet, trying to discover useful information. Began with homeopathy, I offer people the help, but not the doctor. What do I know in this area? Or perhaps it is worth esteeming about business? Somehow it is not interesting.

So, probably, to this day would look for that, I do not know what if not the girlfriend who suggested me to read Joseph Murphy`s book You can become the rich .

Here it where highlight? I was so attracted by the word WEALTH that I read everything on one breath and wanted still! Began to look for similar literature and steeped in training now! Here they are changes, tremendous opening, grandiose plans and their real embodiment in life. I also did not suspect that it is the whole science - new philosophy, Wealth Philosophy.

Now I feel as a bird who was let out from a cage (even if also big). I did not understand till that day that I had an intellectual hunger. Well I read over the last 10 years? I was ready spiritually, but is intellectual - is underdeveloped. Probably, therefore did not understand: from what is so difficult to change also what for this purpose it is necessary?

In practice it turned out so that for successful business it is not enough to read books only about business. In a month I read Louise Hay Force in us series of books of Joseph Murphy Secrets of successful life Napoleon Hill Think and grow rich Rendi Gage and in a new way looked on old as the world, things. Saw the new horizons and found boundless opportunities.

To all readers with all the heart I wish to find the treasures - vital values!