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How to banish autumn melancholy?

Behind a window bad weather and slush, well how here not to cry, well how here not to cry?! Really in such weather even inveterate optimists can become despondent. Cheerful summer days remained far behind. The rights were entered by cool fall. But it is not a reason for grief at all. Even in the cloudiest weather it is possible to stay in high spirits and to perfectly spend time.

The summer left, but it is possible to prolong feeling of a summer holiday. Surround yourself with bright paints. Let in your clothes clothes and accessories of saturated tones prevail. By all means get a colourful umbrella with cheerful drawing. It will lighten you mood even in the gloomiest rainy weather.

Fall - fine time for creativity. Not without reason this time is so loved by poets and artists. Here and you begin to create. Be engaged in drawing, a molding from clay or plasticine, woodcarving, begin to compose verses, at last. Embody all emotions and impressions which collected during the summer in the creations. Organize a house exhibition and brag of the works to friends. And from bad mood there will be no trace left also.

Listen to music. Favourite melodies will lighten mood, will return vital forces and at heart it will become easy and joyful. By the way, it is noticed that the level of hormones of a stress at music lovers is much lower, than at indifferent to music. The positive emotions arising when listening tone up the central nervous system, remove muscular stress, improve a metabolism, calm pain, stimulate breath and blood circulation. For the maximum effect it is better to listen to classics. For example, at uneasiness and uncertainty in yourself enjoy Strauss`s waltzes. In a condition of irritability listen Moonlight Sonata Beethoven. For calm of nerves - Schubert, and for disposal of a headache - Mozart.

The fall is very generous on bright paints. Therefore surely use in the serene afternoon and go to walk to park. And it is even better if you gather in the wood for mushrooms. Switch-off phone, forget about daily cares and enjoy the nature. Such walks by all means will add to you forces, will load with positive energy and will bring the mass of impressions.

One more fine method of fight against a seasonal depression - an aromatherapy. This way rescued from grief even Cleopatra! Essential oils possess so powerful revitalizing and toning influence that are capable will cope with many bacteria and viruses. What to tell about bad mood. Sessions of an aromatherapy improve health, take off fatigue and tension, normalize a dream. The main thing that the chosen smell was pleasant to you, only in this case it will bring benefit.

Do not throw the sports activities. Regular trainings not only will help to support an excellent figure, but also will promote production of hormones of pleasure - endorphins. And in the fall they are necessary more than ever. Register to the pool. Swimming will help to prolong feeling of summer. To take off fatigue and to return an optimistical spirit, complete a course of relaksiruyushchy massage or register in occupations by yoga.

Vigorous to you moods!