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What it is necessary to know about AIDS?

WHAT is AIDS? AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is caused by a specific virus. This virus gets to blood and damages a certain type of white blood balls (lymphocytes) which are an important link of protective (immune) system of an organism. As a result of infection of people becomes defenseless before microbes and tumors. The disease develops slowly, within several years increase in lymph nodes can be the only symptom of an illness. Then rise in temperature, long disorders of intestines, perspiration, weight loss begin. Further there are pneumonias, pustulous and herpetic damages of skin, sepsis (blood poisoning), malignant tumors, mainly skin. All this leads to death of the patient. the Diagnosis of AIDS only the doctor can establish


AS CAN CATCH AIDS? as a result of studying of several thousand patients registered in the world it is established that the AIDS virus is transmitted:

- at sexual intercourse with patients or infected with the AIDS virus, is more often at homosexual contacts and chaotic sex life. Use of a condom reduces risk of infection;

- as a result of use for injections of unsterile syringes, generally to addicts;

- by the introduction of blood or its preparations containing a virus. For example at blood transfusion from the infected person. Now the system of check of donor blood excluding this way of transfer is entered;

- from the pregnant woman infected with AIDS, to the newborn.

the AIDS Virus is not transmitted to through air at conversation, cough, etc. When using of the general ware and other objects of use, the bathroom, a bathroom, the swimming pool, etc. cannot catch AIDS.

of Any case of infection with AIDS did not arise at household contacts or at contacts at work. Any health worker did not catch sick AIDS at assistance. At joint stay of the healthy children and children sick with AIDS, there were no cases of transfer of a virus at schools and preschool institutions. The methods of sterilization of syringes and tools used in medical institutions exclude a possibility of transfer of the AIDS virus.

AS AIDS it is DIAGNOSED? At penetration of the AIDS virus into an organism response arises - antibodies are formed. This reaction can be revealed by special methods at research of samples of blood. Positive reaction specifies that the person caught the AIDS virus. At part of persons with positive reaction AIDS will develop further. Others can remain externally healthy, but keep a virus in an organism and can therefore to infect other people. By results of reaction it is impossible to tell who will get sick and who will be only a virus carrier. Reaction to AIDS is carried out at each capture of donor blood. The donor blood giving positive reaction is destroyed.

HOW to PROTECT ITSELF FROM AIDS? to Avoid casual sexual communications, and also sexual contacts with the homosexuals, addicts and persons having chaotic sex.

The more you have sexual partners, the risk of infection with AIDS is higher. Application of a condom reduces risk of infection. Do not use casual syringes for injections. At any suspicions which arose at you see a doctor. It is important to remember that from your behavior protection depends on AIDS.