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Polish Academy of Sciences

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International scientific   conference;

“ Health: essence, diagnostics and improving strategy

in the conditions of study, work and sport “.

Krinitsa of Gursk, Poland

on May 10 - 12, 1999


St. Petersburg


“ Solar Way “: Way, Image, Lifestyle.

Key concepts: Principle, Honesty, Importance, Sincerity, power logic (M. N. Shchelkonogov), psychomotility, psychokinesis, psychotronics, (ET=AS), activity essence.

Summary: Filosofsko`s

- the ethical Doctrine “ Solar Way “ - the idea which does not have analogs in world scientific practice. His main The principles are aimed at the development of an interior, harmonization of a body, soul, reason. What as a result, conducts to competent social orientation. A fundamental link of the Doctrine is the Law of Shchelkonogov (ET=AS) which describes power dynamic balance between energy and matter and opens new prospects of development of modern medicine.


Physical health should be considered not only as good health and absence of diseases, but also as stable psychophysical a state in which the person can realize all properties and abilities put by the nature.

Scientifically - technical progress changes habitat of the person on the planet, forces it to adapt to the changed conditions. All this forces to look at a problem of preservation of health in a new way.

Task the person consists in learning most to keep health of an organism, using for this purpose all available opportunities, including the feelings, emotions and thoughts.

Thus, the main task of medicine of the Future to give the person information about volume as well as what means to promote preservation of health. Further depends only on personal efforts of the person.

According to evolutionary approach essence of health of the person is defined by harmonious development of trinity of its components: bodies, souls, reason it is also shown in the form of physical health, a peace of mind, intellectual independence.

Doctrine “ Solar Way “ (“ JV “) offers the new concept of health of the person. The doctrine considers the person as the system which is in power dynamic balance. Also offers on the basis of the comparative analysis, the system analysis and dialectic approach the new methods allowing to bring into harmonious interaction three main making the person: body, soul, reason.

during existence of the Doctrine appeared concrete examples of positive influence on health. The general improvement of a state of health, reduction of quantity sharp and   is noted; improvement of a course of chronic diseases.

is result of action of ethical methods qualitatively new way, image, lifestyle of the person.

Way. Origin and development of life begins with energy. Energy defines structure, structure - matter.

the Body of the person functions according to natural rhythms. In a consent with hundreds of rhythms (in world around) at the person heart fights and lungs breathe, blood and cerebrospinal fluid rhythmic is updated, the dream and wakefulness is carried out; the nervous system follows the law inherent in it, creates a rhythm of mental life according to which the person turns from the child into the teenager, becomes the adult, enters the period of a maturity and approaches an old age. The Rassoglasovanost in development leads to diseases. " methods; JV “ restore natural rhythms of an organism, and harmonization leads to the fact that development of the person goes according to his internal clocks. Psikhomotorik`s

(“ JV “) - external manifestation of internal state of the person. It is reaction to any external influence which is reflected in behavior and is fixed in body habits.

According to Zakharyin`s concept - Geda each internal body it is projected on a certain zone of a body. Therefore at a disease there is a violation functioning of the muscles corresponding to these zones, ligaments and sinews. To the contrary, at correction of movements and training of certain groups of muscles the improving effect is shown. This situation is well realized in east improving systems in which physical actions, poses are strictly regulated, and also close connection between   is defined; their impacts on an organism.

the Principle of Sincerity shown through psychomotility restores the natural movements of a body.

Image. The habits acquired in the course of life, and also which are transformed and supplemented at formation of the Person defined knowledge and traditions gradually are reflected in a mentality, and are shown in human lives. Thinking not corresponding to the Principles leads to disadaptation in society.

Psychokinesis (“ JV “) - the power of thought of the person expressed in ability direct influence on the outside world. Thoughts of the person are electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 8 - 9 Hertz and 2 microns long [1]. Spherically dispersing extensively they, penetrate a body, influence health and world around. Possessing energy the thought put in action generates inertial processes forming events.

Application of the principles forms new thinking taking into account world around. As a result of similar thinking, people in the course of activity has an opportunity to influence actively destiny.

the Principle of Honesty allows the person to think, rise by more highest step of development of intelligence freely. It gives the chance of conscious and direct impact on human physiology, and, therefore, gives the chance medicineless treatment. Rudiments of these opportunities are reflected in various systems of auto-training and yoga.

Style. Lifestyle corresponds to internal state of the person. It is formed by habits which turn into character. Character of the person defines destiny, his course of life, health.

Psychotronics (“ JV “) - it is a possibility of the person most to define the spiritual ancestors and, as a result, to operate the Life.

Fig. 1 Spatially - a temporary lattice. Concept Harmony.

Principles: Honesty, Sincerity, Respect complement each other. (Fig. 1) their interaction concerning an axis of time provides that the person is in the due place, in due course, in due quality (a point the Omega) [2], (Fig. 2) and, thus, predetermines the Future feelings, thoughts, actions and acts.

of the Fig. 2 Essence of Activity of an Organism. Point Omega.

of Fig. 3. M. N. Shchelkonogov`s


the Fundamental link in the Doctrine “ JV “ M. N. Shchelkonogov`s (Fig. 3) Law is. It combines four major parameters of human life: A potentiality - Time = Realization - the Way.

Definition: the vital force and time of life are equivalent to the performed work and results of work.

Where E - potential energy; T - Absolute time; And - the work made by the released znergiya; S - entropy; n = 1 - 49.

the Law describes power dynamic balance between energy and matter, Order and Chaos. Each component has forty nine power characteristics. In this work we speak only about three Principles concerning bodies, souls, reason.

of C the points of view of thermodynamics, the human body is the open nonequilibrium system which is in a steady state [3], the system taking from external environment the free energy utilized in the course of activity: T - utilization time; And - work of an organism; S - amount of the spent energy that gives the chance of regulation of a metabolism. As a result, by means of it is information - power management possibly to correct a condition of an organism, level of all its systems.

Considering biochemical identity of the person, the Law describes the main criteria of normal functioning of an organism and opens special criteria and indicators of an optimum working hours of live systems.

the Law opens new opportunities and ways developments of medicine. Thus, an opportunity for real experimental base and interdisciplinary inzhenerno - to technical interaction is created. Now carrying out   is planned; the physician - social experiments for development of the latest medical techniques.

Life Essence. In all forms of activity the Doctrine allocates seven steps: interaction, interference, mutually reflection, mutually definition, interpenetration, mutually formation, mutually upholding.

Interaction. In creation of Life interaction is carried out at the level of all systems of the organization: from biological (natural) to social (human relations).

Interference. Interference   is result of action; conditions of one system on another: so performance of function of a liver on a detoxication of poisons influences a condition of all bodies, work of heart influences exchange processes of an organism. Vzaimootrazheniye`s

. Processes of all functions, happening in body or to system are reflected in everything: the squirrel leads assimilation violation to dystrophy; violation of work of heart can result in stagnation in blood circulation circles. Vzaimoopredeleniye`s

. The key moment in any relations. For example: definition adaptation opportunities of bodies, a stability threshold after which irreversible consequences can or develop (for example, an illness), or to be restored the lost functions or properties. At an embryonal development the group of cages is determined by chemical reactions for a further differentiation of fabrics.

Interpenetration. All systems are in close ties, defeat of nervous system leads to defeat of all organism, the same can be told about any system. Vzaimostanovleniye`s

. Growth and development fabrics and bodies. Vzaimootstaivaniye`s

. Can be an example compensatory reactions of an organism. For example, the collateral blood circulation arising at difficulty of current of blood in the main vessels (Viliziyev a blood circulation circle), or regeneration of fabrics.

All processes cyclically repeat one after another smoothly passing one into another, go deep and form new quality.

the Life Essence not in fight between people, and in interaction. It strengthens all efforts of people: spiritual, intellectual and material that allows to change really quality of life of each person and on a new basis to unite mankind.

Health is defined by a condition of full physical, spiritual and social wellbeing, and not just absence of diseases and physical defects (WHO).

the Doctrine promotes development of the person as socially active unit. It is provided that:

1) Health and, therefore, opportunities for life, work and creativity improves.

2) Arises spiritual balance and, as a result, positive outlook on life and the nature of things.

3) as a result of new opportunities of people becomes capable to adapt in society why both the person, and society as the last receives the creative person wins.

as a result at Mankind will appear accurate social reference points and prospect of development as society will consist of the people capable quickly, accurately and competently to make decisions, to be responsible for the words and actions.


“ The Religion responds to the requests hearts, its magic force from here. Science - on inquiries of mind, from here its insuperable power. But passed already a lot of time since these two forces ceased to understand each other. Religion without proofs and science without hope stand against each other, mistrustfully and hostilely, powerless to win against one another “ [4].

Doctrine “ Solar Way “ offers new approach to a problem of the Person and on the basis of the Method of Power logic (M. N. Shchelkonogov) unites spiritual needs of the person (the concept God, the Soul, Vera) with modern natural sciences, allows not to burden itself with prejudices, dogmas, not to be limited to the knowledge lying on a surface, and relying on science, to aim at comprehension of depth of the universe, life and itself.

Thus, new opportunities of development of knowledge of the Person and the Universe open.

List of references:

1. Shchelkonogov M. “ Beginning “. St. Petersburg, PSI, 1997.

2. Chardin of the Item “ Phenomenon of the person “. Moscow, Science, 1987.

3. Nikolis G., Prigozhin G. “ Knowledge difficult “. Moscow, World, 1990.

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“ Sun Way International “: Way, Image, Style of Living.

of In the theses a non - traditional system of a person’s health and a quality of his life improvement is represented. “ Sun Way “ System develops the possibilities of the trinity of a man. It promotes a harmonious development of a person, improves his physical, psychological, spiritual and social state.