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What will be told by old men?

Is old Chinese byl about the ancient tribe inhabiting boundless steppes. The earth granted to the hardworking people generous harvests, the nature cared for that in the rivers and the woods fish and animals were never translated. Hunters came back with a game, women gave birth to children, old men imparted experience, trained youth.

But once the trouble came to lands of the people. The drought and winds began to ruin a harvest, a pestilence and diseases - to destroy cattle. Hunger and thirst took away people to Death Valley. And then the strongest soldiers gathered and made the decision to get rid of extra mouths to feed. Old men were recognized as the most helpless. Self-confident soldiers decided that they acquired all their wisdom. So, in one evening, the tribe got rid of old men.

Soon hard times ended. The earth began to bring generous gifts again, prosperity came back to houses. But the death began to take away young men and women. The fear of an old age and helplessness began to ruin still young people. Those who do not care for the past " have no future; - old men did not manage to inform of this truth. It ruined the people.

There is a wish that nobody repeated such mistakes. In our century where the interlocutor the TV or the computer becomes more often, elderly people are doomed to loneliness. They are almost expelled from society and deprived of the sympathizing listener, and the grateful godfather of their life experience. It only seems that the computer shooter game is more interesting than the truthful story about real war. About fights in which living people, how the nature of the person was overcome, the law of self-preservation, for rescue of others life perished.

We now practically do not know about what is hunger. Not that fleeting feeling when there is a wish to have a bite, and the hunger dementing, the hunger filling consciousness. And elderly people endured it. Only they can reveal secret how to overcome themselves, without having become hardened to keep hope for the best. It they, hungry and exhausted, lifted the country from military ruins. And only they could see the future for the sake of which made a sacrifice.

Only they can tell what history holds back. To tell what do not speak aloud about. Elderly people are living witnesses of last times, history sources, these are people with extensive life experience.

Therefore wants to be called: visit elderly people more often! Communicating with us, they are dipped in days of the youth. And any grateful listener for them - as the judge capable to prolong their life. Caring for the past, we do our future is better.

Let`s make so that our children and grandsons remembered, loved and respected the senior generation. It is so simple. It is so simple to smile, listen and help. It is so simple to present a magic moment to those who need it.