Rus Articles Journal

Fountain in the rain

Part one. The fountain from muddy water. you know

A, I beautifully go. Even when I go quickly. In the childhood I long time did the ballet and rhythmic gymnastics until I decided to jump from a very tall case on a sofa once, and missed by, having hooked by that kolgotka that on a knee of a morshchinil. However, I was not suitable for the ballet in many parameters. Danced solo, too long was. Especially I was successful improvisation with a long and lean umbrella.

Just because I go beautifully, once a week I promise myself that I will leave this city. He does not love people. And I do not love it. And me it is uninteresting for a long time who is guilty that Irkutsk - such dirty, clumsy and unfriendly city. But it so - read all. It is ugly. As though someone, definitely not above, and from below, does everything in order that people were gloomy, angry and did not know tomorrow - confusing elite housing to the wooden usadebky clamped in the yard. Where here, sight. Did not keep

I to me difficultly. I am not able to go on such city, I grudge shoes and a nose of the curly girl with clever eyes that goes nearby carefully not to climb boots, which at night stand and breathe in dirt. It is difficult for me because I love Siberia and surprising Baikal. I feel them, and to me with them is breathed. And when I want to call all here - all the friends to show them is not present. Very soon, well, couple more of decades, and I will buy the daughter of the Labrador, myself an owl and to all of us - the small plane. And here then I will carry friends to Baikal. I will tell them legends, to compare the Great Lakes, Bai - Gal and Hubsugul, to planet eyes, and the handsome to Munch - Sardyk - from it, the planet, an aquiline nose. But it will be then. And now we stand at the new, restored fountain with illumination in the downtown. Pieces of paper and banks, the fountain squirts swim in the pool the heavy rain of the end of summer is nervously torn up, there, there and from there it is raining. I very much want to substitute the fountain an umbrella to restore in this city though some order.

Part second. The fountain which is not necessary. I watch

Ya at the beauty - the moon at which top right already slightly - it is slightly gnawed by the sky. I wink at the moon and I muffle up in the quilted jacket. There, behind two layers of glass, loudly and long my daughter coughs. And I have a good mood.

Two days we with the local doctor fought against a heavy spasm. Pads - Winnie`s weight clocks - Down in kitchen suddenly began to tick often - often, strainedly, they almost ran. To us it was terrible. That is, we knew as as it is necessary to do, but looking at the child who sleeps and breathes each cage, a lobe of an ear and even a ringlet To look at such breath it is intolerable. Creeps with zmeyuky - a melanist thought - and suddenly her body will just be tired to pant here so?.

I come thoughts of a limit again. How many it is possible? For whom it is possible? And for whom it is necessary?. When this stream of the fountain for wild fear and a headache rests against the very best top, against continuous water of the gray Irkutsk sky? fight was

But that only. Spasm. In total behind. In the room there is a small decorative fountainlet, from a small jug water flows on stones. Today buddy - Martyn got into this fountain, took offense and became soft. In vain took offense. My children play

Part third. The fountain with illumination.

Yesterday, already almost in the morning, I quietly went to bed, already on a habit holding a hand so that it moved in a step to breath of the daughter. I had very good mood. And I, present, decided to tell fortunes on the book. Remembered how the grandmother learned, stretched for bearded in a cap and with sad eyes.

to Think is about whom, and at the same time though to sleep not for long - suddenly will dream?

So, Favourites. Page three hundred forty two!

was somehow thoughtful, perhaps I opened the page, in advance without having decided on line. Was not in time. Because in eyes as if it was allocated - jumped from the middle of the page:

- I love you .

I what remained to me? I even somehow too was surprised, got stuck on this phrase and on a tiny mouse mustache was suddenly lost. Here happens

Having placed feelings in places, just decided to read out of curiosity the offer following mine, thereby,

And even the possible gonorrhea will not stop me .

Ya is for some reason sure that many guessed whose it was the Favourites.

Part fourth. Dawned.

If you have a fountain, stop up it; let`s have a rest also to the " fountain;.

I Am silent.