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How to avoid a fight, or Beat - run!!!

Today we will discuss such delicate topic as a fight. And even if you own some simple methods of free-style or involuntary wrestling, you will not be prevented by our councils.

So, the first rule of the fighting teapot is in such simple formula that the greatest success will be received in this case by the one who will escape from a fight quicker. And therefore, at the first signs of the imminent fight we do legs in hands. This hundreds of times the checked reception bezvariantno beats the opponent on the spot. Certainly, it is pertinent when a fight is not a basic showdown in private and the leaving from a battlefield you do not leave the friend, the beloved wife or the adored mother-in-law helpless in hands of angry hooligans. In a word, when the number of opponents obviously exceeds the number of yet not broken fingers on your hands - run.

Council is good, but we will not always execute. And therefore we will discuss what to do if it was not succeeded to escape from a fight. In - the first however it did not seem strange, the stronger and more opponent, rather you have to break to it the first. It always extremely disorients. In a case when it is several opponents, break follows the leader (and such always is, the truth it not always stands out from the crowd). But usually it formulates claims on behalf of group of companions . Let`s tell, you: 1) Are similar to the idiot, 2) did not offer boys a cigarette) Turned out 3 in a quarter which it is controlled by this group of companions and so on.

In - the second before break, it is necessary to get acquainted with four most vulnerable and painful points. And the nose, a throat, eyes and a groin concern to them. Special force is not necessary here, the main thing - to observe effect of surprise. For this purpose it is possible to pretend, for example, that you do up hair or a tie, then the short, and, above all exact movement to get to one of above-mentioned parts of a body. If you have something in hands, say, a portfolio, throw it directly into the opponent`s hands (it is possible to add shout: catch! ) . Surprising piece, but when to the person suggest to catch something, he instinctively catches. Though sometimes that happens extremely seldom, nevertheless pushes away from itself the flying thing. But also it suits us - at this moment of his hand are lowered, and the attention is occupied. The opponent is not ready to attack and its reflection. Beat. And, if you deal with the company, " so far; group of companions digests an event, it is necessary again to try to retire. But any more not run, and at a slow pace. It is proud... and quickly.

We will return to the beginning. If all of you - did not leave intention to shirk a fight, include affect. It when your opponent suddenly understands that he is faced by the finished loony. Do not dissuade him from it, and, on the contrary, press this circumstance. Remember that loonies are not loved and try not to contact them.

Well, and the last, offered by psychologists, but a way of eluding, doubtful from my point of view, from a fight. It is pertinent, probably, in case a fight has no basic character. Here it is possible just to play heart attack, an epileptic seizure or something in the same spirit. Most likely, you will be left alone, and maybe brought to a taxi to the house. The economy, both teeth, and money is available.