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Where departures wood of

Where departures the wood from Sokolsky district of the Nizhny Novgorod Region.

Robin of Goode ask: why it plunders only the rich. The famous robber, having scratched in a nape answers: What sense to plunder the poor. They have nothing.

A problem for the fifth class.

lives In the area 15 000 people. The only richness of the area - the wood. In a year, without prejudice to the nature, it is possible to extract 120 000 CBM of wood. If to sell it on the root it is possible to gain 300 rub for CBM. If wood to prepare and sell in the form of logs, it is possible to earn 1 300 rub for CBM. If wood then to overwork and sell in the form of houses, furniture, timber, then it can be sold at the price of 10 000 rub for CBM

the Question: what option more favorable to residents of the area and how many money is necessary on each of them in all three options.

Possibly, any fifth-grader will easily solve this problem and in the answer surely of an ukazhetn the fact that, undoubtedly, it is necessary to choose the third option. Only in this case residents of the area will be able to ensure worthy life, will stop drinking and will begin to have a rest in the resorts of Antalya and Charm - ale - the Sheikh. The clever fifth-grader will add what needs to be put in addition as much trees how many adult uncles will cut down in the course of the production activity.

Now we will look how this problem in concrete Sokolsky district is solved. Decides not school students, but adults with the highest, as a rule, education by authorities.

Sokolsky district is on boondocks of the Nizhny Novgorod Region. Many residents of Nizhny Novgorod do not even suspect about existence of our area and confuse it to Semenovsky or Sosnovsky. Nevertheless, the area which is earlier belonging to the Ivanovo region, and, as a result of a referendum passed at the beginning of 90 - x years under the wing of the Nizhny Novgorod governor, exists and more than ten years is a headache for area. For one reason - the area is subsidized for 80 or 85%. Possibly, the attentive reader will throw up the hands now and will call sokolchan idlers and clumsies. Really, why both at the tsar and at the Soviet power sokolsky inhabitants were famous as great carpenters and shipbuilders, and in modern free Russia cannot even support themselves!

Let`s try to understand this paradox. But at first we will remember about the Chukchi. There are such small northern people living in the region of permafrost and polar night. To Chukchi the state allows to get whales. Forbids all the citizens, and allows Chukchi. Otherwise will die out. Whales - the only wealth of the Chukchi people. It is guilty - about deer forgot. But there is a lot of those.

the Only wealth of the sokolsky people - the wood. But with pride speak to us - you are not Chukchi! Therefore receive nothing.

On new forest the code will only get the wood large business - to structures. First of all that who is capable to invest more than 300 million rubles in the area. They the wood will be given without any competitions and with the maximum indulgences in a rent. The new forest code was thought up by the people who are quite cynically declaring that their task to force out the local forest user from the wood and to razzorit small and average lumbers. They explain the actions with tasks to stop poaching, to bring order to the wood. And you imagine. Hot chukhonsky guys come to our area (and about the planned construction in Dzerzhinsk boom. combine does not know only lazy) and at us will be as in Finland. Purely and light-.

There will be no it! In Dzerzhinsk, one of the dirtiest cities of the country, boom. the combine will spoil so, as to Nizhny Novgorod will get. Still nobody in the world learned to do environmentally friendly paper production. Fina for kopeks will make a garbage can of area. The combine needs a huge source of raw materials - and already their representatives roll on northern districts of the area. And they are met as dear visitors. Because from above - to give the instruction!

For area economy - it means export of wood in not processed look. Closing of all overworking enterprises. Razzoreniye of businessmen, unemployment (Finns of all will not provide with work). Poaching growth. At each tree of the militiaman you will not put. The area will become subsidized for all 100 percent.

If Finns refuse the sokolsky wood, then it will be bought up by others. Money now in the country much - it is necessary to put them somewhere. Even if all sokolsky businessmen (I understand that it from area of a fantasy, but we will assume) will agree and will find money for repayment (the!) the woods at auctions, at them nothing will turn out. Because above not the economic, but political decision is accepted - small to clean. In total on holes. Lives were glad and will be. You tell that I exaggerate. Please - the facts. Firefighters, UBEP and prosecutor`s office shake already whole year of the enterprise of the area. Representatives of these bodies honestly admit private conversations that the " team from above arrived; FAS . Naturally under the pretext of fight against poaching and a conclusion of business from a shadow. It is good to remember who tired out it there. Lesobileta (without this document you will not enter the wood) since January is not written out. That at whom rent term comes to an end - do not prolong. Come to those who else work in the wood directly on allotments. Hemp measure by a roulette. Will find penek five santimet above norm and stop preparation.

One by one stop sawing productions. What would be clear. The usual sawmill gives work to inhabitants of two - three villages. And where to them. Again on a life roadside. Or to drag Finam of a bucket?

Now about policy. There is such party United Russia . Good party. To many people entered there. At us in the country, you will enter shit, party. Come to us the area - agitate. The program was adopted here - about development of the area for the next three years, how to make it self-sufficient. Nikita Khrushchev with his communism in the eightieth year has a rest.

As can be distributed one hand of the promise, and the second to select the only resource capable to bring the area though to some acceptable level. I do not understand. To tell more precisely - it is not difficult to understand if to remember that in this most United Russia the same people, as in the late Bosa CPSU . Same hrenovina, only side view.

Small businessman though small, but at the same time free. Here that irritates powerful. To it several tens are quite enough millions of people serving a pipe - the main source of the income. The others - on an exit with things. By the way, if to remember history, then there was such period when in the country free trade and business blossomed. Short such period - the New Economic Policy was called. What it I end, hope, still you remember.

For now in the Sokolsky district rich with the wood, build according to the national " program; affordable housing houses from the polyfoam brought from Astrakhan. - to god I do not lie to it. There is such technology. Already ten houses constructed, just - that nobody wants to live in them.