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What there is a DECEPTION? Deceive all?

On writing of this article me a feat the next deception. All was conditionally cloudless. For the time being. But the girlfriend quits the job, and the management does not pay a salary in one and a half months, referring to lack of money on the account. Girlfriend understands the position also agrees to wait especially as the management of firm is oath assures that in few weeks money will be by all means. However there passes time, but neither in few weeks, nor in a month there is no money. Having hardly achieved a meeting with the former chief, the girlfriend listens to long and tiresome charges of insolvency it as worker and consequently, in vain expectations undeserved salary. Also leaves with anything.


What is done in such cases? Are silent? Run to pray to the temple for forgiveness of employers? File a lawsuit?

Kidalovo it became so widespread that, apparently, it is impossible to be saved from it. It would seem, adequate people, the civilized world, all situations are beaten, described in literature, studied from all directions, BUT . in total - we are inclined to trust. And to knock out nothing this belief.

For this reason, having studied the mass of sources, and network including, I decided to focus attention on such phenomenon as DECEPTION once again.

So: What there is a DECEPTION?

If I tell that the world is built on deception, you will believe? If you believe, you are a deceiver if is not present - you, at least, are not perspicacious and ingenuous. Be not upset, not everything is as bad as it seems first because on any action there is a counteraction. In other words, if you are warned, so armed, and your task consists only in listening to these preventions.

Answering the indignant exclamations on the " type; what do you tell it? or It cannot be we will address the known story about Adam and Eve.

Also told a dragon to the wife: whether God originally told: do not eat from any tree in paradise? Also the wife told a dragon: with derev we can eat fruits, only fruits of a tree which among paradise, God told, do not eat them and do not touch them not to die

As well as it is necessary, nobody died, otherwise history on that and ended, the same as divine history of mankind.

Also the wife saw that the tree is good for food and that it is pleasant for eyes and impatiently because gives knowledge; both took fruits it and ate; also gave also to the husband, and he ate. Also eyes at both of them opened, and they learned that they are nude, and sewed smokovny leaves, and made to themselves an opoyasaniye (Life, Book 1)

As you can see, divine history begins with deception. The Lord not once set up the wards. However, they answered it with the same. Cain who killed own brother, and then and other characters became the first deceiver.

However we will leave divine, we will pass to realities. According to statistical data, each of us lies in day on average 120 times. One lie out of self-preservation, others that the third got rid, and the fourth because it is so accepted in the business world. Children, school students, parents, students and teachers, managers and clients, workers and heads, soldiers and military leaders lie. The lie and deception penetrate all parties of human existence.

Though the lie causes feeling of discomfort in the normal person, however, around fully of people for whom deception also estestven, as for others the truth. To take, at least literary heroes. How to you Hlestakov? And remarkable liar baron Myunkhgauzen? And the son of the lieutenant Schmidt Ostap Bender - Ostap - Suleyman - Berta - Maria - Bender - beat the passport? It seems that through all literature deception stands out. Even the classic Shakespeare it is constructed on deception. Juliette deceives parents, Hamlet the uncle. Act meanly Iago and daughters of the king Lear.

Real characters of history do not lag behind behind them also.

at the time of the Jacquerie (Jacques Beaumont`s revolt in the north of France in 1358 - 1459), during knightly wars and country revolts, groups of the risen peasants met army of noblemen headed by the king Navarre Karl Zly. Two days knights did not decide to attack peasants. Then Carle Zla hung out the flag of truce and expressed desire to talk over with the leader of peasants. That trustfully went to camp of the king where it was grabbed and cruelly executed.

And the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus (apprx. 480 - 426 BC) described such case:

Six Persians applying for the Persian throne solved: whose horse the first will begin to neigh at sunrise when they go beyond city gate, that also will be a tsar. The groom of future tsar Darius resorted to cunning: he hid nearby, behind gate, a mare, and Darius`s horse, passing by this place, began to neigh. Then Darius Gistaspis was proclaimed by the tsar .

At the end of 19 - go - the beginning 20 - go the best-known cheat was centuries Sofya Blyuvstein, she is Sonka the Gold Handle on which account hundreds of swindles.

In May, 1883 in shop of the jeweler Karl von Mel the charming client appeared. The young lady, secular and well-founded, it is lovely grassiruya, it was presented by the wife of the famous psychiatrist L., chose products of the French masters for thirty thousand rubles, drew up the account and agreed about a meeting at home. In the appointed hour the jeweler with a collection of diamonds entered the reception doctor. The hospitable hostess met him, took a casket to try on treasures to an evening dress, and invited in an office to the husband. When the jeweler persistently demanded from the psychiatrist of payment of accounts or return of diamonds, he was twisted by hospital attendants and took away in a clinic. As it became clear by the evening, the beauty was presented to the doctor by von Mel`s wife, told that the husband went mad on pebbles also paid its treatment forward. Certainly, speculators and the trace caught a cold...

So to do if around deception? Whether deception is so bad? Whether it is possible to foresee and guess deception?

Patience, misters, patience. Answers will be in the following parts:

of Whom the Spanish couple deceived?

we Will remember Laokoon by job search