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What is the damnation and how to fight against it?

the Word - a peculiar phenomenon. Let`s guide at it magnifying glass and we will see that this phenomenon has the powerful spiritual nature. Spiritual power and power.

What it means? The word, in sense of concept, - is non-material. The phenomenon, or even a miracle, is that this non-material word can make physical result. All know long ago that from the kind word of the doctor of the patient recovers quicker, and with a kind parting word easier on the way.

Blessing is an and kind parting word, and any good wish. It is powerful protection. Wish me good luck! - we speak, intuitively feeling word force.

And what such damnation?

Just as as blessing serves any word told with love, words of hatred are nothing else as a damnation.

Many consider as a damnation only a turn you be damned and (or) what follows it. For example, wishes to ache, lose darling or to be ruined. But it not so. Properties of a damnation also the abusive words pronounced in someone`s address, and insults, even told in a fit of temper, and labels of the " type possess; untalented person loser idiot and so forth. Awarding with such word of the person, it is damned thereby, though in a little veiled form.

If similar words were and really are harmless! But in the Sermon on the Mount Christ speaks so: Who will tell the brother futile person is subject to a council; and who will tell mad is subject to Gehenna fiery . At Christ we find divine knowledge of spiritual power of words. Better to remember it.

As for the Russian mat, it has a direct bearing on occult practice, it is very actively used by Satanists. Abusive expressions make sense from which it is possible to shudder. For example, many of abusive words are damnations of life of the one who says them, and also his parents. It some kind of spells which destroy at the spiritual level of using foul language and call on it powers of darkness, he believes in them or not.

In the Bible it is said that the undeserved damnation will not come true. But if it nevertheless was said, then addresses on the one who uttered it.

I will give a household example. My acquaintance has an aunt who on a family holiday squabbled with one of relatives, and then wished it death. Tried to appease it, but it is ineffectual. The holiday was spoiled. In two months her eldest son died in road accident, but then nobody connected this trouble with a damnation. It had two more sons. Average through some time had an accident too and died in reanimation. Someone from relatives tried to start talking to it about that day when she wished to the person of death. But this woman wanted to hear nothing and shouted that she is tried to be finished in misfortune. Fear of relatives was not vain, and her younger son died in road accident in the same year.

It is possible to speak, of course, about threefold coincidence, but it is obvious to me that the undeserved damnation did not come true, and fell upon the head of this unfortunate woman.

Lenin called the intellectuals nation shit, than damned it. Our country reaps bitter shoots of that damnation to this day.

How to destroy damnations? Theologians advise

, first of all, not to utter them that they did not damage to you. In the Gospel of Matthew, in a chapter 5, it is written so: bless damning you .

The damnation told in response to a damnation multiplies it as a snowball. And if you answer with blessing, then will secure yourself. What feelings in you at the same time would not boil, the correct words will work under the spiritual laws determined not by us.

If in response to a damnation you not in forces to say blessing, then tell simply: I do not accept it. Yes will not be so . It is important to tell aloud. This some kind of antidote. Words are more active than not voiced thoughts.

Stop to speak once and for all about something that at you will not turn out. Thereby you damn results of the affairs. Instead you say better that you will be able so and so. You will not try, namely you will be able. It will give you forces. If you say that you will try, then - you will try, but no more than that. Words put a limit. You should not limit the opportunities to own lips.

The matter is that words our central nervous system sets to itself the action program. When before a jump the athlete thinks the categories I will try his brain draws a picture such tests by definition not of the most ingenious. " installation; I will be able draws prospect of it. We raise the standards, and thereby and opportunities.

We will listen to what we tell. From surplus of heart tell our lips. Our words are contents of our spiritual person. Do not enrich others with the evil, but be enriched with good from those whose lips are cleaner.

In each person is available both bad, and good. What you will appeal to, will respond. you Remember

- blessing (any kind, good word or a wish) will always serve you as protection.