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What is a sinesteziya?

Go I to work today, I touch nobody, I listen to the favourite Radio Windsor, the channel where always play classical music. In the morning they usually something easy give for breakfast, Vivaldi, for example, of Dvorak, at the worst a piece from the fifth symphony of Beethoven. Just like that since morning, nothing shagadelny * - the people on an automatic pilot go in the mornings, it is not obligatory to awake finally. Well, unless in a break will report what orchestra and the conductor and so far disks change, will a little tell about music. Generally, we sleep on a clothes line, having joined a harmonous stream on the high-speed road, coffee sips Andrew Langille (the morning leader), changes disks and especially does not strain for the present - it has all day ahead too. So usually happens.

But to Andr of subjects it is also good that from him anything it is possible to expect. Even in the mornings. Whether the guy woke up a bit earlier today, whether coffee drank too much and cheered up. Well, today, since morning a bit earlier, to Andr pulled out in this world just something new to me moreover with unostentatious lecture about sinesteziya . It was necessary to wake up, fasten a sound, to add some coffee to an organism.

There is a sinesteziya - it is such phenomenon at which stimulation of sound sensors leads to excitement of other sensors, automatic and independent of our desire, for example flavoring, visual etc. Sounds abstrusely so it was necessary to wake up. In translation into normal human language it means that music causes different associations in one of twenty people and even such lungs and harmless glitches. Disturbs nobody, and it is pleasant!

For example, you listen to yourself to Stravinsky, and in the head Nabokov`s verses rush. Slavic dances of Dvorak easily will remind somebody meat pies. Well, where to us, Slavs, without it! And even the name is separate for such sinesteziya - Lexical. Here at me is, for example, Mozart and chocolate are almost inseparable. Now I understand why.

There is still a color sinesteziya though with this is that more and more - less clear. Sound tone activate color scale in our imagination. Also there went such light show in the head under Freddie Mercury, will begin to rock! Here it at me all the time fireworks in the dark sky leaves!

The fifth symphony of Bach it is inexplicable in my imagination many years causes a picture of fox hunting. Though die, also all does not change! Dogs - a beagle before horses rush in my imagination, ears flutter, on horses equestrians in red jackets (who know how they are called?). Well and the symphony culmination always same - the master of hunting for ceremonies blooding the tail hands to winners trophies, a coma ( brush ), to whom right forward pad ( pads ), and to whom and head of the murdered fox ( mask ) . And that is surprising, alive never saw, and here will play my darling the fifth - and again will rush in jump as live!

But there are still such surprising companions (I refuse flatly to understand these!). Their music is numbers or a letter. The real ciphered code rushes in their head when listen to the Italian Giiovanni Da Nola`s madrigals. Well, there`s nothing to be done, it was not lucky. Though, could be worse - could in general any associations with music not arise. Only one of twenty gets such happiness, statistically.

And at you as with this business?


* shagadelny - from Psychedelic, a pronunciation wrong, is remade by hippie, with a mean hint on national experiments with drugs.