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Day of the elderly person. How to us to preserve grandmothers and grandfathers?

So far we are young, the thought of an old age seems to us such alien, and an old age such far, even impossible.

It seems to us that we will be young always. However life is rapid, years fly, and at some moment of people begins to understand that he already joins ranks of grandmothers and grandfathers.

According to World Health Organization, it is around the world observed aging of the population - increase in number of elderly people in relation to total number of people. Peculiar to all live inevitable process of aging happens also to mankind.

This process is influenced by social conditions, features of work, physical activity of the person, individual properties of an organism, a condition of life, climate, food, an illness, factors of heredity and many other things. Depending on all this, and also from the attitude of the person towards itself and to others, the old age can be early or late. Important value has quality of life of the elderly and aged person. And this concept includes aspects not only medical, but also social character.

Those who happened to meet couples of elderly people from the western countries are often surprised. Here they - carefree, smiling and friendly moreover also hold each other by a hand. It seems, they do not know the word age and life at them only begins. Their ladies in full rigging. For some reason fashionably the dressed woman aged at many causes irritation in us. And here a sad look tired, exhausted, embittered and dressed what got the elderly woman to is perceived naturally and habitually.

All is equal to many elderly Russian women as they look that people around think of them. They live, without noticing what occurs around Leaflets on trees appeared or turned yellow It is necessary!

And here it grandmother granny granny address it so long ago. It is no wonder that our women grow old earlier. Stresses do not decrease by pensions, material problems, duties before children and grandsons are added. In many families of the grandmother completely undertake household chores, without reckoning with the health, trying to give the chance to adult children fully to work and resolve urgent financial problems.

In the West the modern generation of pensioners has less problems, than at their peers in Russia. Let`s not argue on a state system and social protection of foreign pensioners. Let`s talk about another - that ourselves can make that life of elderly people was not such sad what we see it now.

Having stepped over a certain age boundary, the person not only finds wisdom and experience, but also receives at the same time the reeled health. And infinite talk on the illnesses not only tires people around, first of all, they cover from elderly people nearly all events around.

It is worth taking care also of life. In the room of old men sometimes there is a feeling of melancholy. In cases mixed up with new things lie got out of fashion, in addition eaten by a moth long ago. In a sideboard ware with the beaten-off edges How many the house it is stored any stuff, and old unnecessary things - the real devourers of energy. It is better to throw out them and to begin to use the new, presented children and grandsons.

For preservation of health and extension of life it is important to adhere to a certain work-rest schedule, it is rational to eat, systematically to move. And the excessive overstrain and overfatigue undermine an organism.

If to live only for the sake of children and grandsons, there is a risk not to help, and to develop their infantilism. Stop to save on yourself all the time, grandmothers and grandfathers, life experience taught you to correlate the desires to opportunities!

For the person healthy, vigorous and full of strength an old age - concept abstract. And in old age it is possible to bring a lot of benefit and to society, and itself if to live full-blooded.

Also do not listen to those who say that if to you for , then your train left. It is impossible to avoid an old age, but also to give in to a depression, lowering hands, there are no reasons too. The person in forces to remove age not for one decade. One feel old in 40-50 years, others and in 80 are still vigorous and young.

Everything depends only on ourselves.