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How to overcome shyness and shyness?

You feel awkwardly in the company, redden, language sticks to a throat if someone addresses you. You are not able in open to express own opinion, and parties for you are similar to tortures … But such situation does not suit you, isn`t it? In that case read - also act!

1. Make it a rule to welcome the first people around. In - the first, you will notice that the more often, the more simply, in - the second, the quantity (where to it to disappear) turns into quality, and you will be soon ready to tell bigger!

2. Be able to keep surely (or pretend that you are self-assured). Straighten - shoulders and raise above a chin, letting know the world (and at the same time reminding itself) that you were and which - that you are.

3. be not afraid to look to people in the face: the interlocutor will understand, that you are interested in it, and will reciprocate.

4. Master science of maintaining a small talk. Begin with people with whom to you easy and simply, switching gradually to alleged friends.

5. Prepare a reason for conversation. It is a little imagination and you will understand that ways to draw attention to yourself - one million: the book in a hand, unusual ornament or an accessory - and to strike up conversation with become interested as easy as shelling pears …

6. Actively question. If in conversation with someone you feel not in the best way, ask more questions demanding vast answers.

7. Nervous cages are not restored. You should not be nervous before a party or appointment. It is better to relax, listen to pleasant music. You Breathe more deeply, more exactly, you are quiet .

8. Auto-training. Periodically remind yourself that you are diamond, worthy admiration.

9. to Dream not harmfully. And it is very useful. Imagine yourself freely stirring with schoolmates on any subjects, the ringleader in the big company which half is made by your hot admirers. Plausibly? When you believe, you will be able to carry out.

10. Ya - not I! You want an infallible remedy from shyness? Drama school. Very many outstanding actors had to overcome shyness too. Art of transformation helps to look at itself from outside.

11. Life - theater. You - still diffident person? Try to play the antipode, yourself - on the contrary, yet you will not get used to an image finally and irrevocably.

12. Create own image. No wonder, if you have complex concerning too short skirt or an unsuccessful hairstyle. It is worth puffing a bit and creating own style.

13. Who does not risk … Try to make what most of all you are afraid of. If something turns out though from this what it was necessary to give in earlier to, we congratulate. A victory for you!

14. It was liberated itself - help another. Support the timid stranger in the company, and then it will not be boring for both to quail.

15. Realize that you are not lonely. By the way, even the president is rather afraid of public statements!

16. Take shyness for the fact. Certainly, from - for the shyness you do not wish to seem a pettiness. But keep in mind that the world of subjects is good that it consists of any different persons, including phlegmatic persons and people who are simply loving loneliness. So be not overzealous, you - it you.

But consider, a low self-assessment - terrible thing. If you low opinion on yourself, on the abilities and appearance, then do not wait that other people will hurry to dispel your doubts. On the contrary, they will perceive you such (such) what you see yourself. You drive yourself into a silly situation: you are afraid to be rejected by those whom you consider better than and therefore too it try to be pleasant to them: you do not risk to object, you smile, afraid to offend inadvertently too much. And as a result they just cease to take you seriously.

Among us there are not much lucky who were never kicked by destiny: did not humiliate the teacher, schoolmates did not tease, parents never told that all have children as children, only you at them grow at the blunderer. And whom did not dump the girlfriend (guys) and who has that first time it turned out without a hitch?

Sooner or later even the lucky who is most spoiled by destiny can receive click on a nose, and as a result at it self-confidence &ndash will sharply fall; including in the advantages. If something similar happened also to you, do not hurry to enlist yourself in losers. Let it was very serious defeat, try to look at it from height of bird`s flight, correlate to all the life. For certain udach and achievements it was much more, and, of course, there are such spheres of life in which you always feel quite at home and where nothing threatens. In these spheres try to return yourself the lost balance.