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Retired? Enjoy life!

So developed in our consciousness that the person divides the life into the concrete periods, one them which begins with an exit to pension . For some people of advanced age it is a natural result of withering of life, for others time of rest and serenity. It is not necessary to consider that together with pension the old age came, and now time not to live, and to live. It at all not so.

An exit of the person to pension it is possible to characterize as transition from vanity of vital currents to smooth water of rest and pleasures . Many men and women meet this vital stage with pleasure. As a rule, it is people who all life worked, engaged with children much, participated in public life, or just had active living position and fine power. Yes, in their existence there was everything, except time for private life. They hurried to live for themselves, for children, for the sake of family wellbeing. And now there came time when it is possible to relax and derive pleasure practically from everything that happens to you.

Though it seems to much that private life of the pensioner consists in education of grandsons and the infinite help to the matured children, it at all not so. Do not regard as of paramount importance a duty of education of grandsons and their parents. And adult children need to understand that grandmothers - grandfathers can help with grandsons, only if they have forces and the corresponding rush. But if the grandmother decided to devote the released time of the so long postponed private life - she has full authority to it. The person needs to listen to the desires, to the intuition, to mark the moments when he feels well, and to analyze - what circumstances so well influence him. It is not necessary to do from what it becomes worse .

Quite often there is also a reverse situation when especially careful children wish to protect the elderly parents from any activity. They, apparently, for the best do not accept their help with the house, participation in education of noisy grandsons. But as a result of people becomes lonely, despite existence of a family.

At advanced age it is also undesirable to refuse long-term habits . Even from harmful if there are no accurate medical indications on that. If the person smoked all life - you should not lose habitual ritual. If for mood it needs a little wine - let from time to time give itself such pleasure. If the person all life actively worked - deprivation of physical work will lead to negative consequences.

But here the main thing not to overdo. It is necessary to estimate really the forces - otherwise troubles are possible. People of a retirement age need to care for themselves, to take care, having gathered healthy, positive egoism. It is very important that the person was informed on what happens to an organism eventually what problems of medical character constitute for it the greatest danger what it is necessary to be careful of. You remember, prevention of a disease - it is always better, than treatment.

You should not forget also about a spiritual state of mind and bodies. You give yourself as much as possible positive emotions and impressions. For example, love. She not only is possible at advanced age, she is even very necessary. All age are obedient to love. Also should not think that sex and pension - incompatible concepts.

Regard a retirement age as time of long-awaited holiday . Now it is possible to do the favorite thing. Each person has a hobby. For example, when the grandmother of my friend retired, she began to be engaged in embroidery and cultivation of houseplants. To it it delivers the mass of pleasure, and children and grandsons in a new way looked at it. Others derive pleasure from visit of theaters, the museums, exhibitions. Now attitude toward art can open on the other hand, there is time to consider and understand.

It is possible even to be engaged in writing, in your life there were a lot of things about what it is interesting to younger generation to hear. Experience and wisdom which can transfer us the senior generation are invaluable .

When I was in Moscow, pleasantly was surprised to the fact that a counter of a season of many capital pensioners is participation in various television current - show. And not only as the audience, often active pensioners become also heroes of such transfers.

Of course, there is also other party of pension and the attitude towards her. For example, shortage of money, indifference of the authorities, and it is frequent also the own children. Constant weakness, diseases. That is, all that destroys the person from within. But if to reconsider the relation to life and to try to find in it not only minuses, but also pluses, a situation can change. Many pensioners are dissatisfied with the life and the attitude towards themselves surrounding . It is a psychological problem of the person, he always lacks something, and here it is difficult to help.

The one who accepts the life in all variety is Rather happy. Fortunately, such people not a rarity. I want to cite as an example my grandmother. She endured captivity, loss of the child and darling, one lifted up six children, worked at three works. Then retired, to it on a visit girlfriends - pensioners often came. One abused the power, others children, and my grandmother was happy that she lives already in a peace time, in the country and receives pension from the state.

Be happy and cheerful, despite of age.