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Small Secrets of Big Business.

Private techniques

of the Doctrine Solar Way.


Each of us has own, unique vital purposes. One of the first steps on the way to that the dream became reality, is definition and understanding of a consecutive chain of tasks which demand specific actions according to our aspirations and cannot be carried out in itself without our active participation. The goal will dictate (not to justify, and to dictate!) means, techniques necessary for its achievement. On the other hand, we know that the applied methods exert direct impact on the end result, i.e. means define the purpose. Therefore there is fair a statement that the ethic purpose means ethic means and vice versa.

A solar Way - scientifically - the practical Doctrine, the latest direction in world philosophy, one of problems of which consists in opening before the person of a possibility of achievement of harmony. We aspire to that not only in the person everything was fine, but also around him respectively too that his life was full and happy. The unique practical techniques of self-knowledge and self-improvement developed by the Doctrine which are based on theoretical postulates of the Doctrine the Solar Way which at the same time synthesize in themselves multithousand-year experience of the previous generations allow to come to it and represent the latest discoveries made already directly within the Doctrine. All of them are brought together in the strict system of the principles, laws, theories and ethical standards which is rather in detail presented by us to the " series; Doctrine Solar Way .

In the course brought to your attention we represent the materials which received the name private techniques of JV . Their main advantage - so-called practical convenience of the user, i.e. availability in understanding and application by everyone. At acquaintance to them you will not need to master quite volume and difficult theoretical base of the Doctrine as in case of studying of the principles and norms, and you directly to a descent have an opportunity to join such most ancient sciences as ethics and philosophy from the point of view of their practical aspect. And also you will be able to begin already today process of self-improvement to which long time, perhaps, did not know how to be risen.

But why, you ask, we dared to use it not philosophical title? How traditional concept business especially big business corresponds to ethics and philosophy? Actually, as only one of aspects of life, it is identical with all others demanding the organization for norms and traditions, directly. Special sections of the Doctrine are devoted to it: Ethics of economic thinking Theory of Management Human resource management etc. But the main secret is that in the joint venture under the word business according to its initial value, any business in general is understood, and then all life human as one big enterprise which is split up for smaller purposes and tasks is really Big Business which part of small secrets we also open in the real course in the form of private techniques of the joint venture.

What is a technique in general? It is set of ways and methods of performance or achievement something, in our case - vital wellbeing and happiness. Therefore each of our small methodical articles has to help you to make your life though a little easier, more joyfully, is lighter, more useful, happier. How? Yes first of all by deeper understanding of the happening processes on the basis of what the competent relation and behavior in real life are formed. Private techniques of the joint venture will be quite often presented in the form of the known proverbs, sayings, a wise advice long ago, but our comments to them opening a look and the relation of the Doctrine to a case in point will help you to understand physics of power information process and to understand in its true the theorist - practical value.

It is necessary to warn that, despite especially applied character of each of the published techniques, they, as well as all other, described by the Doctrine, are universal, that is can be used in any of spheres of human life, in any relations, in any activity, in any situation. From you it is only required to read the rule, to understand causes and effects, to make necessary actions, to check, see result and to distribute this rule to all you faced in life. But it is already competence of your individual creativity.

Small remark. Though we also tried to make techniques the most autonomous from the theory of the Doctrine, but nevertheless references to these or those our lectures or books will sometimes occur in texts to you. Know that it is about the lectures on a basic course of the International Academy the Solar Way collected by us in the mentioned " series; Doctrine Solar Way .

After each methodical article you will see questions which purpose to induce you to independent supervision and the analysis of manifestations of this technique in your life. With the purpose to make additional explanations and recommendations, we will try to consider plus, this technique, how exactly works at concrete examples from several areas of life: family, business, sotsiumny relations, hobby or inner world of the person. Also answers to the questions asked by listeners of a course and their chosen works will be submitted.

So, good luck!