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And what for happiness - that is necessary? When I wrote the article " About advantage of strokings

; You touch me zdesya I did not assume that it will cause such quantity of responses - moreover what responses!

Recently heard the phrase: when you communicate with happy people, itself you become better. Most of commentators - happy people! When reading responses I had a feeling that I am somewhere near writing - so I was impressed by your feelings, thoughts, your perception of the world, your words are so penetrating and sincerely!

At everyone the, but united all one feeling - kindness. Sometimes we hesitate to pronounce this word, it seems to us worn out jammed depreciated in some political and other cases, but actually as it is visible from comments, kindness - a basis of our life. It gives us feeling of happiness, she allows us to enjoy proximity of favourite people and beings.

The Most remarkable that when you are near darling, even you do not think of any advantage of touches. You just touch, become impregnated with smells and heat, absorb tenderness through a surface of palms and enjoy tremendous feelings.

My husband always asks me that I stroked to him a back. And I like to iron it on the head, I like to feel how his hair under my hand move. And after article I it both on the head, and on a back. It lost in admiration

As usual, I meet the husband from work as embraces, a smile and kiss. Are married 3 years, we live nearly 10. My daughter since the childhood had habit scratch a leg . Here sitting at a TV set, I stroke a leg to the girl with a happy mug. Waking up in the morning, I know that now Buddy will approach my dog my legs and will rub the head and a muzzle. I will surely thank him, I will stroke him behind an ear and on a stomach. When I feed Bonnie and Clyde - turtles - I talk to them and I iron their extended heads, but it is already dangerous to me. And it is pleasant to them. Yes, it is healthy!

I have just a dependence on strokings: really, I iron all who come to me to hand. My daughters adore when I to them iron backs. The MAIN THING - it is pleasant, and itself derive pleasure and a charge of positive emotions as if you exchange energetically some heat....

Here and mine dithat all the time asks me to snuggle her for a mood raising! Such it is useful put!

Murrrr. Thanks for article. Strokings at our place in honor. I like to walk on a back of the husband and son when they leave the house. I like to stroke just like that.

I Will notice that pleasantly not only to be stroked but also to iron

It (process of a poglazhka someone) not only is pleasant, but also calms

What subject close to me! I have in general such feeling that I in antecedents was a cat. To cats it is good - kormt, gladt...

Article was written in the assumption that not all use stroking with skill, consciously. I asked all readers to tell about the feelings.

All ask - what it you are such gentle?

You so persistently demand performance homework and all generally give marks!!! Let me hand over to you homework . Always, when I near darling, iron him - just automatically - without reflecting why - it is not dependent where - a back, a tummy, a hand... He slightly moves to me - reduces distance. It is especially exciting to stroke on a neck and to pass into hair - here the person just obmyakat, moves the head to a step to your movement. In general many are not indifferent for caress in hair - the girl touch hair (just like that by the way) - she shudders, eyes from povoloky.... here - here zamurlycht

Pleasant such feelings

When read - purred. In principle, if there is nearby nobody who could stroke gently, it is possible just to read article, it " too; irons

Read and ironed a cat, so weakens...

It is so interesting to esteem about such simple action and to look at it in a new way!

For me there is a lot of useful information, I advise all to follow this article

I Know from experience that the touch to other person can strongly change the atmosphere. For example, if some tension between people is felt, to try to take his hand in the hand and the situation changes. Or to put a hand on a shoulder. The person relaxes under the influence of kindness and tenderness.

Tactile feelings - they oh as are necessary!

About old men especially hooked ...

And about old men... You are right too...

Read - even tears came into eyes! Especially about tactile hunger at old men it is penetrating written

It is correct you in article noticed. not for nothing very loved one wants to be pressed, embraced, stroked. not for nothing massage is begun with stroking, probably, as if prompt to a body that a pier you are the that a pier relax, now it will be good And cats probably therefore have many lives because constantly all iron them.

By the way, it is very easy to determine a condition of the person close to you by stroking. Even if it to you not native. Sometimes there is no wish to touch somebody. Too compatibility test.

The person constantly thinks of something, weighs options, makes decisions. But just - in these things he can be also deceived. There is only one source of information which does not deceive - it is our BODY. Only corporal feelings are objective, protected from our assessment and correction. If it is quiet and easy to be close to you to a body of darling and it is safe to fall asleep at it on hands, means you have such wealth of which much even not to dream...

I derive pleasure when your loved ones and brothers smaller smile. And what for happiness - that is necessary?