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How to leave office in business, without losing in money?

I very much want to begin the Business. But I work in the big company at a good salary. Social package, holiday. And the business The starting capital, instances, pieces of paper, reports is necessary And when it will begin to bring good money? And whether will begin in general? And I am not able to afford to leave the company. I should feed children, to pay bills, etc.

Similar stories for the life I heard hundreds if not thousands. And here what strikes. For some reason the vast majority of the population consider as business something like little shop, a bakery or a workshop at the corner What created this steady stereotype - I do not know. And I do not want to know! Simply, it so is.

So, you have a good work. The position, a salary, social package, everything it seems arranges. But there is a wish bigger. Or there is a lot of bigger! But Terribly. And what to do? And to fall in a fruitless reverie and to be afraid further?

Lyrical digression. We had a reunion recently. 25 years ago we still studied at school, and then Scattered life. And here, gathered. Last time we gathered here so ten years ago. Also interesting conversation took place at me then with my schoolmate.

I remind, was this ten years ago.

I Work in one very solid company. My work - communication with clients, a first line, so to speak And here, recently not that went the client. Unprofitable. Even more often it is necessary to refuse. I will not understand our administration. Gives advertizing everywhere where it is only possible, and me then to communicate with clients who are unprofitable to our company in the majority. And I should be answerable!

Which of us did not hear such talk. And so the person who told this phrase ten years ago could not arrive to this class reunion. The contract signed. Dollar. Very large. Having said hello to the former schoolmates, he asked to give a tube to me (he called on mobile our form-master). Having exchanged courtesies on duty, he reminded me about that, ten-year prescription, conversation. I then suggested to him an idea of creation of the business. Moreover what! He just wanted to thank me for the fact that he for these years became that whom it is.

Here is how it was. The key phrase in its confession was of course - I will not understand our administration. Gives advertizing everywhere where it is only possible, and me then to communicate with clients who are unprofitable to our company in the majority. And I should be answerable! It also served as its beginning, such successful business today. With my help, of course (that for unscrupulous public relations, stop advertizing immediately!) .

The person in hands had already ready clients which problems he can solve if he just slightly - slightly thinks more of the interests, than of interests of the company. Organize it the solution of their problems, these organizations will return the favor. All skills of the decision business - problems at this person already are. It is only necessary to begin! And it began. Its business outgrew borders of Russia and became international. Here, as in life happens.

To what I tell all this.

Business is a solution of problems of other people in the broadest sense of this word. Any problems for which people are ready to pay money. And any company has clients with whom it is simply unprofitable to work! Look narrowly at them. Perhaps, you personally will be able to organize the solution of their problems far more effectively, than firm in which you work! In what cases managers of your firm answer clients No, our firm cannot . It is also your chance! Solving problems problem clients You can begin the Business with cost . Even I am afraid to give number. It is a lot of! And without any starting capital, publicity expenses etc. For you it was already made by firm in which you work. Silly not to use such chance!

Reflect. You all life, working for someone, you enriched other people. And it is necessary to enrich itself. So begin! However, there is an ethics question. And whether it is ethic

the Answer very simple here. Ethically - if the firm cannot solve a problem of clients who address it. Unethically - if can.

So, the basic rules of the beginning of the successful business without the initial capital and even loss in the income.

1. To reveal as much as possible situations when the manager speaks to clients: Our company does not perform such types works (services, does not deliver such goods, does not deliver in this point etc.) .

2. To extend from this manager it is as much as possible information on clients with whom to firm it is simply unprofitable to work. Information has to be so much that you could contact these clients.

3. It to communicate, be presented, once again in detail to learn what works, goods or services were required for clients who were originally answered Is not present . Information such the more the better. For you.

4. Classify inquiries of such clients, make the database. Analyse in what areas your Own Firm could work.

5. Having made the detailed analysis of often repeating inquiries and ways of their decision, you receive the most important for your future company - clients which requirements are known to you. Notice, all this time you get paid and your financial position does not suffer in any way.

6. Now think with what in the best way you could satisfy these requirements. So far purely hypothetically. Where to take that it is necessary for them how to deliver how to serve further how to develop also hundred thousand more as where where why and why. The more you will set to yourself these questions now, the it will be easier for you in the future.

7. Carry out investigation. As well as who is engaged in similar business. It either your future competitors, or partners. And, partners it is always more favorable than competitors. Think, than you can personally be useful to these people or the organizations.

8. Begin to close on yourself information about problem clients . So you learn firsthand a set of nuances which would never guess. And a devil always in trifles.

9. Begin! You will correct mistakes which inevitably will be in the beginning on the run, at the same time and you will gain skill quickly to solve problems. Even continuing to work at the former place, you can already send clients to the small company.

So, we will sum up the results.

To leave Office in Business, you have to remain at office and begin the business. You will leave when the income from business with interest blocks your salary.

To those for whom it seems too difficult and terrible I advise to remember an old, kind proverb: It cannot be that hard!