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What it, Carlson - good or bad?

In Sweden Pippi - the long " stocking; - the most famous fairy tale. Me often ask to bring souvenir Carlson, but we have no such toys though they are in Russia. Carlson for Swedes - he is a harmful, dishonest provoker .

(M. Hulbert, the adviser for culture of Embassy of Sweden in Moscow)

I think that Carlson was a good friend Malysha, but at the same time he always focused attention on himself, and he behaved, actually, as the child though he was adult. And I remember, once asked mother: why you made Carlson such egoist? She answered: I did not make him the egoist, it just became such .

(Karen, the daughter A. Lindgren)
Of course - Carlson in Sweden dislike

. Not the fairy tale, but a type, of course. For example, Pippi not only symbolizes the independent personality, but also during all book makes the mass of heroic, brave acts. In Carlson there is nothing heroic though he does not cease to repeat that he the best - the specialist, best in the world, in steam-engines, the best risovatel of roosters, the best master of high-speed cleaning, the best nurse, the grandson, best in the world, well and of course, the heaviest patient in the world.

Only one of his statements undoubtedly - it the master, best in the world, in mischief. Good and not really acts he makes all only in the form of entertainment - whether it is necessary to frighten thieves, to nurse the thrown baby or to reduce to domomuchitelniyets. Not without reason its favourite phrase I so do not play at once provides Herman`s aria on mind: What our life? Game! . For Carlson so it also is.

By quantity of shortcomings Carlson is in the lead too. He is a glutton, the simulator and the blackmailer enticing gifts. He is an incorrigible boor, the egoist, the deceiver, the boaster and the instigator (in Sweden about the incorrigible boaster and the liar and speak - The Person with the " propeller;). It - a ritor - the sophist capable to prove anything (exactly thanks to Carlson Malysh understands how the statement of parents that " is effectless; any dispute can be resolved the words ) .

- You were right, this medicine does not help from heat. Give - to me a chocolate now.

- You? - the Kid was surprised. - I won a bet!

- Well, the bet was won by you, so I should receive a chocolate in a consolation. There is no justice in this world! And you all - navsy the disgusting boy, you want to eat chocolate only because at me temperature did not fall.

The kid kept silent, but thought that words - utterly worthless means for examination who is right and who is guilty; and he decided to tell about it to mother as soon as he sees her .

- We will divide them equally - seven to you and seven to me.

- So will not turn out, - the Kid objected. - Seven and seven - fourteen, and at us are only ten buns.

in reply to Carlson hasty put seven buns in a hill.

- Here mine, I already took them, - he declared and covered with the chubby handle a rich hill. - Now at schools so foolishly consider. But I from - for it do not intend to suffer .

- Trifles, - the Kid told, - that`s nothing unusual! - And he waved a hand in the same way as it was done by Carlson. - Is from - for what to be upset!. - You it is good to

to argue! - angrily Carlson muttered. - To break the easiest. To break and tell that it supposedly that`s nothing unusual and not from - for what to be upset. And what to me, the builder who erected a tower these poor small hands! Carlson stuck with

I the chubby handles to full on the nose Malysha .
at everything at the same time this whimsical, sensitive, harmful uncle is extremely dear to

I, and the reader makes light of his mischief. Obviously (and many critics wrote about it) that Carlson`s shortcomings are only the gathered and hypertrophied shortcomings of the ordinary child. Well, which of us in the childhood (and not only) would not like to arrange constantly today of the birth or to be ill instead of going to school if it plyushechny fever ?

As a matter of fact, Carlson - the such grown old Peter Pan, this children`s subconscious, not limited and set free. Not without reason the Kid during all trilogy not only participates in mischief of the friend, but also constantly constrains him (Lindgren understood that children should show that not all tricks of Carlson are harmless and safe).

However, unlike the child, Carlson is allocated with almost absolute freedom - he is able to fly, has the dwelling hidden from public eyes on a roof and does not depend on care of seniors.

Carelessness and ineradicable optimism of the fantastic hero - feelings of which with melancholy not only the child, but also the adult dreams. This auytsayder easily flies on life, is afraid of nothing, never despairs and always finds a way out of any situation (for this purpose it is good and kuroshcheniye rolls and bringing down by buns and a small ghost from Vazastan ) . It clever, beautiful and in general from pies do not get fat! .

Very important and the fact that Carlson is not vindictive and in general it is mild. And being itself absolutely free, it is always ready to defend freedom of the friend. However, Carlson, unlike Pippi, not consciously, and purely intuitively does it. God forbid, you will be locked in the room, right there will appear tamer of domomuchitelnitsa, best in the world, also will release you - easily, as if effortlessly.

- You know that? We will play as if you in prison also suffer terrible torments from - for the cruel supervisor - domomuchitelnitsa, understand? And here the most courageous suddenly appears in the world, strong, beautiful, moderately well-fad hero also rescues you.

- And who is he, this hero? - the Kid asked. Carlson reproachfully looked at

on Malysha: - Try to guess

! Poorly? .

At last, Carlson is the beautiful companion. Of course, he divides candies not equally, shirks work, but the most important - with it is not BORING. And it better than a dog . Yes, Malysha, as well as at many Swedish children, had

the room. But even in own room you will not take refuge from loneliness. Such minutes behind a window of the well-planned Swedish apartment noise of the motor, shout " is distributed; Heysan - hoppsan! and to the boring current of narrow-minded life reckless Carlson flies, and immediately overturns everything upside down. As correctly noticed many when the child remains one - Carlson materializes. It will not give you to dry up he will carry away you away from the habitual world which is somewhere behind a window or under legs, at the worst - will arrange in this world Uti, boss, Busse, kaput, encore and hullabaloo . It is no wonder that all action of the trilogy proceeds in the places isolated from everyday life - in the apartment left by parents or on a roof. Somewhere there are tired anxious Swedes, and over all this carefree soars friend, best in the world, - such real and unreal at the same time.

However, judging by the book, and it is necessary Carlson hardly, and he is in own way lonely too as any absolutely free person. In the world of adults to the man on top form forces there is nothing to do. With whom you will order to have fun here - with eternally dissatisfied uncle Julius or from Froken Bock whose all meaning of life is reduced to that to outdo to the sister Frida? Therefore - that it also arrives to Malysha. You will tell - egoism, but the egoism shred is always friends.

On big, absolutely blank sheet in a bottom corner the tiny red cockerel was drawn.

- This Very lonely rooster it is created by the draftsman of roosters, best in the world, - Carlson continued, and his voice trembled. - Ah, to what this picture is fine and sad!. But is not present, I will not begin to cry now because from tears temperature " rises;

- One call is Immediately arrive! two calls - Do not arrive At all! and three calls mean - What happiness that such beautiful, clever, moderately well-fad and brave little man exists as you, Carlson, best in the world! .

- And why to me for this purpose to call? - the Kid was surprised.

- And in order that friends should tell the pleasant and encouraging things approximately each five minutes, and you understand that I cannot arrive to you so often .
presented Lindgren`s

to us and Malysha of the comforter alone. But you should not forget that to the isolated room of your child things both not so harmless and nice can fly.