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How there was Carlson?

- I asked Carlson whether an invention he is

- Well and that he answered you? - mother took an interest.

- It told that if it was an invention,

it the best invention " would exist;.

(A. Lindgren Kid and Carlson )

Direct predecessors of the trilogy about Carlson; Crumb Nils Carlson and In the country between light and darkness . However, the hero of the first was a little similar on known to us a bezobraznik. It was tiny to a nissa (the Scandinavian analog of our brownie) visiting the lonely boy at whom the sister died. He did not suit a hullabaloo and was not able to fly. The hero of the second fairy tale - mister Lilyonkvast - Lindgren also prompted her daughter.

I know that Astrid long before emergence of stories about Carlson wrote the story about the little man, ridiculous and kind, - mister Shvabra (his name - S. K.) is so translated which flew and once flew to the little sick boy who lay chained to a bed. And this Shvabra brought joy to the sick child. Mister Shvabra was some kind of predecessor of Carlson, only more fantastic figure, and he had no propeller. It just somehow flew, in itself. And then, much later, Astrid got back to this idea and wanted to develop it, to think up some hero flying to children and bringing them joy. So Carlson was born. But it was already absolutely other being, much more selfish. From where the propeller undertook - I do not remember. But the first name - mister Shvabra - I thought up .

(Karen, the daughter A. Lindgren)

Lilyonkvast too especially did not behave outrageously, it just carried away the boy to the fantastic country where everything was possible. Future Carlson in it is mute it was possible to recognize unless by the constant phrase: It has no the slightest value. The slightest value in the Country between Light and Darkness in which it is already possible to see well-known Trifles, business - that everyday .

From where the lodge on a roof undertook and the propeller, is easy to guess too if to consider passion of the writer to a lasagna on roofs and trees, and also childhood memories when she ran on airfields to behold airplanes.

Lindgren tells about the to a meeting with Carlson so:

I saw it rather at first heard something at night when to me it was not fallen down. It was not fallen down, maybe, because behind a window something long buzzed. And then he flew to the room, sat down on a bed and asked where to find the Kid Who are you? - I asked. - Why you to me arrived? . I - Carlson, best in the world, who lives on a roof, - he answered, - and I arrived because you wrote the book about Pippi Dlinnyychulok . Then I gave it the address of the Kid. I will not call this address because it is secret All this was quite so, and I am ready to swear in it - on the book about Pippi . In vain Lindgren mentioned

the mysterious address. The announcement right there was published in one of newspapers: 10000 kroner to the one who will find Carlson`s roof . Seeing that journalists precisely without roof and being afraid of the fact that children will begin to climb the Stockholm upper parts, Lindgren right there published the exact address of the house of the Kid. It is interesting whether there is a memorable plate " there; Here Carlson, best in the world, lives, well and you enter " too;?

Carlson lives absolutely near my house, at other edge of park which at me under windows. It is Vulkanus Gatan Street, 12. There my family life began. And when I began to write about is mute, thought only of a roof of that house where we with the husband lived as newly married. Over us, the balcony was the floor above, - there I for the first time saw it. It flies to me also now at any time when to it takes in head, and we stir about that, about this .

(A. Lindgren)

we will more attentively look narrowly at this only thing in all house " Now; to an unusual being . That is known of Carlson`s parents a little, and only from his words which cost the little. My mummy - a mummy, and the father - the gnome that`s all, what is told by Carlson to journalists. About a mummy I do not know, and something to a gnomya in it is mute is. It is small (less Kid), thick (at Carlson it is desirable to speak moderately well-fad and that will take offense) the little man with the tousled hair dressed in overalls. It it was represented in the first edition by the constant ally Lindgren - the artist Ilun Vikland. Since then almost all known to me Karlsona make a start from her drawings.

Now about a technical aspect flyer, best in the world, . Again - according to Carlson, still his father was able to fly. Having attentively re-read the book, it is possible to tell with confidence that the motor for flights is not built in a body of our hero. Roughly speaking, naked Carlson could hardly fly up.

a motor by means of which it is possible to fly as, however, it is visible on the picture. This motor is made by the inventor, best in the world, as the boy claims, but he refused to tell about it in more detail. We told that this inventor would become a multimillionaire if arranged mass production of such motors what the boy answered: Is not present, thanks, it is impossible to pollute air the flying boys, there is enough of us two - me and the Kid .