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What secret of life was known by Stalin, Lenin and Vinci and This secret knows 5% of the population

gives you everything!, - happiness, health and wealth. You can have or do everything that you want or want to be that whom. You can have everything that you want as if it was not big.

In what house you want to live, you want to be the millionaire in what business you want to be engaged, you want to make success what you actually want? Now and you learn

how people become the rich, recover from a set of diseases and all this occurs when really you know how to apply this secret is a greatest secret.

“This secret the answer to all was that is and what will be“ - Emerson (1803 - 1882).

you think what the secret is? I will tell how I understand it. All of us work with one all-powerful force, all of us go one and those mi laws, it is not important whether there are you in Toronto, Moscow, America or China all of us work with the same force, with one law! It is the law of an attraction!

Many people often reflect - why one people have everything, and I have nothing? Or why it has a lot of money? - I will answer! Because they know a secret!

If you cannot understand it, then it does not mean that it is necessary to refuse it, perhaps, you do not understand how the electricity is transferred, nobody understands at all that such electricity, but it nevertheless exists.

is the simplest to understand this secret is to present itself a magnet because all of you it attract everything that happens in your life, and it is attracted by means of an image which you have in the head is that you think … and our task to think (to attract) that we want. If you see it the reason, then it will appear at you in hands.

This principle Can be expressed in three simple words of thought Objects!

People often do not understand that thoughts have the frequency and if we think that we want t. e to radiate a certain frequency that these thoughts to us and will return but only already in the real world if you want wealth, then present yourself ALREADY rich and you will receive wealth soon, it always works for all and everyone.

But is a problem, many people think that they do not want, and are surprised why it appears again, again and again. The law of an attraction does not disturb that you what that want or not, he just answers your thoughts if you sit and look at mountains of debts and worry about it that is a signal in the Universe, you feel it and confirm it with the thought that is, will receive it even more! Instead it is better to sit down and having closed eyes to begin to visualize that you are already rich, and let does not disturb you that to money, for example there is no place to undertake, this not your business, but business of the Universe, most important you already made, and gave it a mental signal. Many will ask

- as the wealth, love, health will quickly come, it depends on as far as you will believe in the thought … generally essential changes begin to happen where that in 30 days. you ask

whether there are some restrictions for this purpose? Absolutely any! Our opportunities do not have a limit of a possibility of talent, forces, power, gift in each person on the earth is not limited!

your life will be what you will create it! So use this secret, and be happy, so it is represented by you!