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What we know about white enemies ? Sugar

Unlike salt, the mankind got acquainted with sugar rather recently - about two and a half thousand years ago, at cultivation and processing of a sugar cane. Its long time was around the world made a little, sugar was very expensive and served more likely as a delicacy of the rich. Not for nothing at the same A. K. Tolstoy in Prince Serebryanom at the description of an imperial lunch there is the sugar Kremlin weighing five poods at a table of the sovereign and the set same, is only less size - on next. And most of people satisfied need for sweet within centuries by means of honey, berries and fruit.

However for the last one and a half centuries production of sugar in the world increased by 150 - 170 times, together with it new sources of production (sugar beet), perfect technologies of cleaning appeared (the crude sugar - yellowish color), and its consumption by people increased by 15 - 20 times. Physiological norm of consumption of sugar - about 50 grams a day (the brain is able to acquire only glucose in pure form); in our country now this figure is really 2 - 3 times higher.

Most of physicians consider that it - is bad. Especially, if it is about sucrose - the sugar purified to degree of a chemical reactant. At refinement white enemies the person receives less hundreds of minerals and other most valuable biologically active agents - the homo sapiens is not adapted for the use of denatured alcohol genetically. Similar example: a wide circulation of alcohol (vodka) in many countries as opposed to natural (!) to wines and beer generated the accelerated and wide circulation of alcoholism. The real beer - very low-degree and to get drunk it to the provision of copes hardly - kidneys all will manage to remove earlier and a stomach not rubber. In the Czech Republic workers of hot shops satisfy with it thirst.

In the same way the use of crude products of opium poppy in food and as drugs (inside or locally) within centuries did not lead to epidemic of drug addiction neither in Asia, nor in Europe, and all problems arose with receiving morphine and the invention of the syringe for injections. By the way, if who does not know, heroin was invented at the beginning of the last century as means for treatment of morfinist Therefore many researchers consider steady growth of consumption of sugar in the world as the phenomenon close to the use of the stupefying substances. By the way, and in the south of Russia overproduction of sugar in a fair measure stimulates volumes of house moonshining in the same Ukraine.

The most harmful consequences of abuse of the refined sugar - diabetes (a deadly disease) and obesity which in itself is risk factor of many diseases. Not incidentally the first sakharozamenitel intended for patients with diabetes (saccharin, is synthesized in 1879). Then there were a xylitol, sorbite, slastilin and many other substances. Their only minus in culinary aspect - at quite good opportunities of sweetening of food they are not preservatives. That is jam on them cannot be cooked, and the products of long storage (drinks, yogurts) released by the food industry at introduction to a compounding of substitutes of sugar demand parallel introduction of synthetic konservat that in itself is not really useful. By the way, data on carcinogenicity of substitutes of sugar are considered as at least exaggerated - in experiment unfortunate animals are given sometimes their such quantity which whether it is equivalent to several hundred glasses of lemonade a day

Can diminish in general separately taken person and mankind the appetites in the use of sweet? I believe and. But the best way to it lies not through intimidation and restrictions, and, most likely, through increase in availability and variety of the eaten products. First of all I speak about vegetables, fruit, berries and natural juice, and also about honey, treacle and sakharozamenitel. The matter is that abundance, a possibility of the choice - the best soil for improvement of a way of life, contrary to pressure. The same situation and with strong drinks (availability of natural drinks without denaturation signs as opposed to the denatured and substitute products). Health and a possibility of a wide choice everything reading!