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Electric car. Dream or reality?

at Night at the quiet intersection about me on red light the silvery " jeep stopped; " Lexus;. The window at the left at me was open, and I paid attention as silently it approached. Even more I was surprised when it sharply started on green - I did not hear noise of its engine.

I could not catch up with it though " Volvo; - too not the sickliest car. And did not try as managed to see what on its back door in the light of my xenon headlights flashed RX - 400h - it was the electric car.

The electric motor appeared on the car at the end of the century before last, even earlier, than an internal combustion engine. Its traction characteristics were suitable for traffic conditions better. The maximum torque at it - at the time of inclusion, then it decreases in process of promotion. It is required for the vehicle. But accumulators have small capacity, or them it was necessary so many that the electric car if only them and carried. Therefore development was gained by more difficult petrol engine which has good traction characteristics only at average turns, and demands for dispersal of the car of a difficult box of gear shifting. And traction electric motors remained only by the trams, trolleybuses and electric trains which are constantly connected with wires. Electric cars were used only restrictedly in the closed shops and as amusing toys.

There passed more than hundred years, and the Japanese corporation " Toyota; in the " car; RX Lexus - 400 realized hybrid option of the car. Pull its two electric motors installed on forward and back wheels. Capacious and rather easy nickel - the metallgidridny rechargeable battery in way charges the petrol engine connected with the powerful electric generator. The idea is not new - on the railroad are used the diesel long ago - electric locomotives. But there the electric power from the generator directly moves on traction electric motors.

And what was got by the hybrid car in comparison with usual? At small speeds the petrol engine is switched off - the car moves due to energy of accumulators. In the yards, about country houses it is absolutely silent and does not pollute the atmosphere. But also the driver should go more carefully - people do not hear the car. Even in traffic jams where ordinary engines work not in the most optimum mode, the hybrid is ecologically pure. The petrol engine automatically turns on, only when accumulators begin to be discharged or at high speeds where big current is consumed. The engine in the same most economy mode when the smallest amount of gasoline and the purest exhaust is consumed works at the same time - at throttlings the internal combustion engine is inefficient. In process of accumulator charging the engine is automatically switched-off. And only at very big loadings the petrol motor is connected to wheels for the aid to electric motors. And when braking electric motors return energy to the accumulator. Everything becomes automatically, and the driver should not think of it is he knows that the car always energovooruzhyon.

What it gave to the driver? On the car the six-cylinder engine of 3 is installed. 3 liters, and the car, thanks to powerful electric motors and the capacious accumulator which can give a lot of energy at once, accelerates and behaves as the similar car with the eight-cylinder engine. And consumes the six-cylinder engine of gasoline - as four-cylinder, working in usual conditions at dispersals and throttlings. That is consumes RX Lexus - 400 on average not 15 - 18 liters of gasoline as regular car of the same power, and only 9 - 10. I do not know whether it is possible to recharge still it at night from the power supply network when a tariff for the electric power one quarter day. Detailed description of this car and some other hybrid " models; " Toyotas; it is possible to find in the Internet.

Of course - a toy not cheap. Costs about seventy thousand dollars. But also purely petrol Lexuses cost expensive. Let`s hope that over time this technology will extend also to other more available cars. Already several automobile firms conduct such developments. All will benefit from it.