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Let`s dance or whether you Have a hobby?

Quite recently in college distributed us questionnaires. It was necessary to answer thirty plain questions about himself - to make a peculiar autobiography. We with the great pleasure grabbed leaves and began to scribble, even without waiting when we come home. Next day on curator hour there was a general bewilderment at the sight of a look of the curator. That, in turn, was a shocked from such, apparently, trifle: in the column Hobby a half of group put a crossed out section, explaining it with the fact that the hobby per se is not available.

If it is honest, earlier, than years so ten back, I would put a crossed out section too. Just because laziness to think. And I would explain it lack of favourite business too. However now I understand that it is incorrect. Cannot but simply be a hobby. And I was in perplexity: as such interesting people have no hobby, besides that to have a sleep ?

I in the column Hobby wrote such chain: I play a piano, I write articles, I go to theater, both most important and interesting at the moment, I go to ballroom dances Yes, I put dots. Because I do not want that my hobbies on it ended And it seems to me it is correct. This world is so many-sided

Paradox, but if I went only to study, slept and walked, I would be just squeezed orange. In other words, I could not " anywhere; to come off to forget about everything and to fly on the seventh sky as occurs at occupation by favourite business. Somehow in a dancing forum I wrote about the hobby and called all at an opportunity also to go to dances. About! What here began... The lot of information that there is no time fell down me, though there is a wish, the terrifying fatigue after work does not give anything else to do, laziness and opinion that it is better to roll about in the evening on a sofa and to pozyrkat a TV set than to find something more fascinating. I did not begin to argue, overpersuade simply because it was senseless to be done. People oh, what rested and amusing creations I will just tell you, as well as them as I got acquainted with tremendous, amazing, unusual art - sports ballroom dances.

Having watched once the movie Let`s dance with Dzheniffer Lopez and Richard Gere, I was loaded with dream - to learn to dance as well as the main character. However everything twirled somehow, started turning, and I left the dream. In my sixteen years this movie caught sight to me again, I once more admired, but already and did not think that there is such opportunity - to learn to dance so. Time, college, study Having shared the dream with one little man, I heard the tremendous phrase, apparently, well-known, but comprising such big sense: THE MORE AFFAIRS, THE MORE you are IN TIME

And tomorrow I have the seventh lesson of ballroom dances. I will come home only at 18:00, tired, lazy and hungry, and at 19:30 it will be already necessary to be there. I like a dish-towel will go to occupations To me nothing will be wanted, except massage and a hot bathtub. I will arrive, I will come into this huge hall with such beautiful and big chandelier, I will look at these happy faces dancing, at the handsome man - the teacher who teaches us, I will see the partner, I will inhale this unique smell of perfume, I will hear music to which we dance cha - cha - cha, I will smile to

And all problems in a trice will disappear, the fatigue will evaporate, a playful look, a smile in 32 teeth, Hips - your exit and, about a miracle I in the seventh heaven. It is so much bright paints, it is so much new impressions, it is so much emotions

Home as on wings. I will bring together all members of household and friends, and I will skillfully show elementik from the Vienna waltz. Let it is not so professional as it would be desirable, but, unambiguously, with huge pride and pleasure. And let clap and envy. I deserved this applause.

And to you is what to tell in the column " about; Your hobby ?.