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What should not be advertizing?

are not allowed false information about the producer, about any characteristics of goods and its cost, about conditions of a guarantee, delivery and an exchange, and also about results of researches if those were carried out. If goods or service are recommended by someone, this information also has to be reliable. Thus, if from the screen say that 80 women took part in research of cream and 90% from them responded about is mute positively, it have to be data on real experiment.

In 2006 the Commission of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia considered case in the relation of LLC Prokter and Gembl excited upon distribution on TV channels of advertizing of the " detergent; Fairy . In advertizing experiment on rinsability of funds from ware was shown, and its results were reliable But the company referred to compliance of the state standard specification detergent while experiment was made not under the terms of this state standard specification (tests on it have to be passed only in the closed capacity, but not in flowing water). The roller was forbidden.

- To bear negative information on competitors.

Cannot compare the advertized goods to the goods which are in circulation, to touch honor, advantage and business reputation of the competitor. For this reason, advertizing the goods, producers of laundry detergent cannot compare it to concrete brand, and use the term " in such situation; cheaper means .

a few years ago forbade to display the commercial of " vegetable oil; Ideal in which on a table with bottles of the leading producers of oil the bottle " was put; Ideal . Other bottles at the same time fell. The commission on ethics of the Advertising board of Russia obliged to change a roller.

- To constitute danger to tranquility, health and life of people. Advertising cannot call

for violence, cruelty and commission of illegal actions. It is forbidden to advertize drugs and explosives. It is impossible to show processes of smoking and consumption of alcohol. From the last innovations concerning alcohol advertizing: will lock uses of images of people and animals in the commercials of beer shown on television.

In January of the current year the Federal Antimonopoly Service forbade the advertizing " Pepsi;. In advertizing young people in the yard of the multi-storey building play at night musical instruments and drink Pepsi - " Coca;. One of residents asks them to stop then they begin to play even more loudly with use of the sound-amplifying equipment. Department considered that the roller calls for administrative offenses.

- To cause insults to somebody. to

In advertizing forbids use of swear words. Offensive statements concerning a floor, races, a nationality and other personal characteristics of people, and also the state and religious symbols and objects of cultural heritage are not allowed. It is impossible to condemn the persons which are not using the advertized goods.

In 2005 the Commission of Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia recognized inadequate advertizing of " cocktails; Hooch because the slogan " used in advertizing; onoosnennye " fruit; has offensive character since it is perceived as the word similar to the terms making an offensive language.

Unfortunately, apparently from examples, the law on advertizing is not always observed. Separate conversation is an advertizing on the Internet which to control at this stage incredibly difficult. It is necessary to hope for honesty and decency of advertisers and control of advertizing by authorities.