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How to prepare pelmeshka without haste?

B 1879 in Nizhny Novgorod the brochure " was published; Songs about " pelmeni; where lines stood an epigraph: I Am ready to fall on knees before the one who invented " pelmeni;. Many consider that pelmeni - the Russian dish. Siberian. Far from truth. And where started disputes - whose this dish, anyway it is present at kitchens of the different people. However, is called differently.

In the " project; Answers to Mail. ru read one question, the answer to which interested me too: What dish you consider as the most tasty? . From 50 respondents 38 gave the answer - pelmeni, vareniki, pancakes. These love at us ears from the " test;! In Soviet period who remembers pelmeni were on sale in cardboard boxes. And it is frequent until you inform the house, in that box of already sticky lump from the test and forcemeat Enterprising people even it invented a dish - pelkota (from the words " pelmeni; and " cutlets;) . From this lump molded cutlets and fried them.

Pelmeni and on a holiday table look well, and in everyday life - are simply irreplaceable. Work on preparation pays off repeatedly taste and saving of time when giving. It is possible to surprise with both an unusual stuffing, and a beautiful molding.

We have in a family a preparation process - action. That who has the strongest power at present kneads and rolls dough. In other words, the healthiest and the most positive. Dough for pelmeni - flour and water, egg and salt. IN TOTAL! What it is simpler than? On the contrary. In everything the skill is necessary.

If to add milk instead of water or together with water - it will turn out more gentle. Flour, of course, it is necessary to oxygenate - to sift. To make deepening in a hill of the sifted flour and to slowly pour in egg, water or milk, to salt.

And further force is necessary. Dough needs to be rolled thinly - thinly. Practically in paper thickness. Due to addition of egg dough is not torn. And further - the cooled forcemeat (pork + beef + salt, pepper + onions) is displayed on cut out by a form (or a glass) circles.

Also creative process of an art molding begins. Here as the imagination and skill will prompt. The youngest mold such touching lumps. Name them. People with experience mold the real ears. But joint family collecting on a molding of pelmeni unites a family very much! So many interesting stories were told in such dumplings evenings. Usually the part of pelmeni cooks at once, and the part is frozen on the boards which are strewn lightly with flour. After freezing pelmeni are displayed on packages. To the following time.

And they cook too not easy. Water already has to boil and be added some salt when there pelmeni fall. I put bay leaf. Sometimes I cook pelmeni in ready broth. Pelmeni have to emerge twice. And meat in a dumpling has to be juicy. Ears in finished form are slightly wrinkled that speaks about a manual molding. After machine it does not happen.

After pelmeni cook, I fill them with oil and I strew with greens. At will - vinegar and sour cream. Ketchup and adjika. The fine dish is ready! I invite to pelmeni.

How many various stuffings exist for pelmeni! In the different countries - different. I trained them both with spinach, and with paprika. Probably, it is not a dumpling in traditional sense any more. And if to prepare a stuffing from cottage cheese - at all a varenik will become. Only it is absolutely other song.

The girlfriend cooks manti well. At it it is the whole ritual. Tasty so that the tongue can be lost. In fact the same dumpling, only a small knot form, is steamed and meat with onions is chopped.

Preparation of pelmeni of haste does not suffer, as well as any dish. If your hands and thoughts are clean - be accepted to a creative molding. And let everything at you surely will turn out!